Bethania Palma Markus

Computer Expert Hacks Into Common Voting Machine in Minutes to Reveal Shocking 2016 Election Threat

 It took Princeton computer science professor Andrew Appel and one of his graduate students just minutes to hack into a voting machine still used in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Politico reports.

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Alabama Pastor Says Church Fired Him for Inviting Black Children to Attend Bible School

An Alabama pastor is claiming he was fired from his post at his church because he invited black children to attend its Vacation Bible School, WTOK reports.

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NYPD Cop Secretly Records Supervisor Pressuring Him to Racially Profile Black Men

Gawker has posted an audio recording provided to them by an NYPD officer that seems to be an exchange in which the officer is being pressured to profile black men.

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Twitter Trashes Trump Over Anti-Semitic Tweet: 'Remember When Hitler Made 6 Million Jews Sheriffs?'

On Saturday, GOP candidate Donald Trump tweeted an image that has been widely condemned as anti-Semitic—an image of Hillary Clinton and a Star of David, with $100 bills in the background.

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Colorado Republican Who Posted Racist Photo Comparing Obama to a Chimp Resigns under Pressure

More than a month after posting a racist meme comparing President Barack Obama to a chimpanzee, a Colorado Republican has resigned, the Daily Sentinel reports.

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Woman Who Accused Trump of Attempted Rape in Ivanka’s Bedroom Lashes Out: ‘I Didn’t Lie - You Did’

A woman who has accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her, opened up on Twitter after Trump said the New York Times reports about the allegations were false, LawNewz reports.

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NRA Radio Host Whitesplains the Civil Rights Movement to Civil Rights Legend Rep. John Lewis

Few question the credentials of Georgia Rep. John Lewis, who along with the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. helped lead the Civil Rights Movement. He was the youngest of the “Big Six” leaders to put himself on the line for the sake of ending institutional racism.

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Calif. Schools Busted for Ignoring Atheist Scholarships Because of 'Anti-Religious Expression'

Schools in Los Angeles County’s northernmost communities known as the Antelope Valley will have to dole out $10,000 in legal fees for refusing to list atheist groups’ scholarships on student publications, according to the Friendly Atheist.

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WATCH: Target Customers Confront Man Who Insulted Breastfeeding Mother

Jessie Maher paused her shopping trip to Target on Monday to breastfeed her infant. But she wasn’t expecting the mundane activity to spark a confrontation with an outraged older man.

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