Body Cam: Cop Ignores Dog Sign, Hops Fence in Response to a Burglar Alarm, Kills Homeowners Dog


Dade City, FL– In body camera footage that was released on Wednesday, a Pasco County sheriff’s deputy is seen shooting and killing a woman’s dog, because of a burglar alarm going off.

The deputy arrived at Carla Gloger’s home after a silent alarm was tripped.  The officer barely attempted to open the gate to her long driveway, and instead hopped a fence to get onto the property, ignoring warning signs about the woman owning dogs.  Gloger maintains that the situation may have been very different had the officer opened the gate and drove up the driveway.

As he approached the home, the deputy saw Gloger’s two Rottweilers running towards him.  As they did, the officer pulled out his service weapon and shot one of the animals.

Fox13 decided to withhold the full footage, apparently favoring sheltering people from very real dangers of police being called to your home, even if you have done nothing wrong.  In the withheld footage, the dog reportedly yelps in pain as Gloger runs out of her home yelling  “You shot my dog!”

Gloger yelled at the officer to “shoot him all the way,” as her pet limped around injured.  The officer eventually complied, shooting the dog in the head, killing him.

The deputy insists the dog came right at him and that he was “defending himself” for her dog running at him, on her property, which he trespassed on.

“I haven’t slept for days. I haven’t eaten. It’s hard for me to even come out,” Gloger told Fox13. “I freaked out. I was like, ‘oh my God, of all people, I would never think a sheriff would trespass, come over the gate, not unlatch it, and come in and just shoot my dog.'”

The department is fully defending the officer’s actions, and even going as far as saying that the dogs attacked the deputy.  The sheriff clearly must have watched a different video.

“We’re negligent if we don’t go to that house and God forbid something happens to her. It’s our duty to go out there and do everything we can to ensure the safety of our citizens,” Sheriff Chris Nocco told FOX 13. “It’s an unfortunate situation that these dogs attacked our deputy.”

According to an unofficial count done by Ozymandias Media, an independent research group, a dog is shot by law enforcement every 98 minutes.

In January, we reported on an Australian postman, armed only with a DriftHD 1080P Camera and some dog treats, who showed just how easy it is to traverse a neighborhood full of dogs without shooting them. It should be required viewing for police departments nationwide.

Watch the video here.

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