Six Insane Things About Hilton Hotel Heir's Outburst on a Plane


Last month the monstrous behavior of the youngest Hilton heir, Conrad Hughes Hilton III, was revealed to the public. In July aboard a 10-hour trans-Atlantic flight, Hilton threw an epic (and threatening) tantrum, and was charged with intimidating and assaulting several British Airways flight attendants.

GQ Magazine put together a detailed timeline of what happened during the flight: “based on 1) the criminal complaint filed on February 2, which is a sworn affidavit by the FBI agent who investigated the case, and 2) my extensive interview with Mitchell, in 81H, who does, after all, analyze human behavior for a living.”

Conrad’s arraignment was scheduled for March 5 (two days after his 21st birthday). He agreed to plead to one account of simple assault on Feb. 23, according to GQ, and he faces a maximum of six months imprisonment. Given the public’s tendency to both relish and scoff at the bizarre behavior of the rich and famous, here are the juiciest details from the in-flight meltdown:

1) Let’s set the stage, shall we? Mitchell describes Hilton’s appearance:

“He was dressed posh casual, expensive haircut. He looked like a polo player and walked with a sure-footed march, being loud. He said something like they had attacked him. I heard a lot of “fucks.” The staff were being really low key, but it was monstrous. Inhuman. I mean, really, it was.”

2) Five minutes after takeoff Hilton was reportedly walking down the aisles, when nobody else is supposed to be up. The complaint later alleges that:

“Four members of the crew ask Hilton to return to his seat, but he refuses, saying that if they are standing, he should be allowed to stand, too. He’s cursing and being aggressive. He says he has ‘a fucking problem’ and threatens to hit someone seated four rows behind him.”

3) Mitchell describes watching him later on the flight:

“I was about to video it, but he looked at me, really threatening. I don’t often watch horror movies, but you know how the walking dead have a look in their eye? I thought, ‘He’s going to come at me next.’ He turned around and said, ‘Now everybody’s judging me.’ That’s when they closed the curtains.”

4) The report details him lashing out at a customer service manager:

“As Hilton wanders around the plane, he lashes out at the customer service manager who is shadowing him to protect the passengers and his 21-member crew. ‘Stop following me!’ Hilton yells, adding: ‘I am going to fucking kill you!’ Hilton points his finger in the attendant’s face, shouting, “I will fucking rip through you!” and ‘I will fucking own you!’”

5) The infamous “peasants” line is reportedly repeated many times, according to the report. Oh, and he also smokes weed in the lavatory:

“Numerous times, Hilton yells, ‘I will fucking own anyone on this flight; they are fucking peasants!’ At one point he approaches another flight attendant and brags that he is already banned by other airlines. He says he has issues, that he’s just broken up with a girlfriend, and that his behavior will probably turn into a lawsuit for his father to pay. He laments that he wants to smoke marijuana. At around 9:15 p.m., he locks himself in a lower deck restroom; soon the smell of weed is detected in the cabin.”

6) According to Mitchell he’d be the “weakest link,” if he were stranded on an island:

“If you were on a desert island, Hilton would be the weakest link, wouldn’t he? Let’s face it. He’d be the one about whom everyone would say, ‘Oh, shit, don’t get him to do anything. He’ll balls it up.’”

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