Pat Buchanan Outed as White Supremacist On-Air By Pundit Pal


Someone finally called Pat Buchanan a white supremacist to his face. Well, I'm sure someone else has before, but when was the last time another pundit did? If it's any amount time over a month ago, it's been too long.

What's even stranger about this video is that you have three white men talking, and the only thing preventing them from starting a circle jerk over the Oppressed White Man is a Bill Press willing to call the whole idea stupid.

I suppose this is the corporate media's idea of "fair and balanced."

Of course, we should be expecting a lot more of this coming soon. Should either Obama or Hillary win the nomination (and one will, Edwards is SOL after losing Iowa), we'll be hearing some of the most racist or sexist bile flung their way. The only reason we're hearing more against Hillary right now is because Obama is the Not Hillary. Should he win and become the Not John McCain, watch out.

And it won't be directed just at them, but at anyone who supports them. The conversation, before Carlson and Buchanan turned into the KKK chuckle corner, was about whether the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Obama just because he's Black. You know, the same "analysis" that's become all too common - Black people will vote for Obama because he's Black, women will vote for Clinton because she's a woman, Black women don't exist, and white men are the only people who can be trusted to vote based on a candidate's character, experience, and politics.

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