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Hoping to catch up on one of my favorite feminist blogs, I accidentally typed "Feministing.org" instead of Feministing.com.

Oh, what a mistake! I stumbled upon a fake version of my beloved women-penned blog. The well-disguised satirical .org was, evidently, written by some creepy wingnut who summarized the "Feministing mission" thusly:

Young, middle-class, college-educated white women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on our own behalf on issues that affect our lives and futures because we're so horribly and obviously oppressed.
Feministing.org provides a platform for us to comment, analyze, whine about our unending victimization, and (best of all) COMPLAIN CEASELESSLY!
Perplexed -- thinking maybe the real Feministing had been hacked or something -- I read on. I saw a ridiculous false ad of a woman claiming "It's my right to smoke crack while pregnant!" and a kind-of funny cartoon about women who turn their "imaginary problems into real problems."

Then I read this effed-up post by, uh, "Amynda," titled "I Have Been Potentially Raped Hundreds of Trillions of Times" (rape jokes: fun for everyone!):
Rape is a cultural norm. Even though it's considered socially deviant behavior and is outlawed in every state and is regarded as one of the most heinous crimes, it's still a social norm. ...
Just the other night I was drunkenly staggering down a darkened alley in a crime-ridden, crack-dealing part of town while wearing a "FCUK ME!" t-shirt because it is my right to avoid common sense while expecting my absolute safety to be guaranteed at all times.
Suddenly, I heard a noise. I whirled-around and... there was no one. Nothing happened. But... something could have happened! I had been POTENTIALLY raped! And what, society is going to blame me, a slut, for being a potential rape victim?
I don't know what's ickier: the fact that some jerk had enough idle time to create, write, design, and publicize a nearly identical -- down to font size and style -- knock-off of a popular women's blog, or the fact that it's so hatefully chock full of unfunny lies and stereotypes. Making fun of sexism (which, yes, still exists) and rape (which, yes, still happens -- and is still not victims' fault, no matter what ludicrous imaginary 'FCUK ME' scenario you concoct) doesn't solve anything for anyone, and it does even less to help anyone take your point of view seriously.

Maybe the real women behind the real Feministing.com should take it as a compliment. Their site must be getting big -- and woman-bashing dumb-asses must be getting scared -- if somebody cared enough to launch this thing. (And yes, the Feministing ladies know about it; they posted about it in August.)

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