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Meet the Wall Street Billionaire Obsessed With Looting Social Security

Pete Peterson's "Fix the Debt" project is dangerous and flawed.

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But a funny thing happened on Pete Peterson’s magical misery tour: America spoke back. Even though the educational materials and questions were rigged at the America Speaks town halls, participants rejected Peterson’s austerity message and voted to support progressive policy solutions like a carbon tax and a financial speculation tax instead. 

As John Nichols points out on page 12, “Fix the Debt” Peterson is ignoring the biggest poll of all: the 2012 election. In December, Slate declared “The Failure of Peterson-ism.” At this point, many are wondering why Peterson is not being laughed out of the room. 

Perhaps he owns it.

Lisa Graves is Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, the publisher of,, and
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