The View's Meghan McCain Throws Epic Fit Over Democratic Socialism As Joy Behar Calmly Shuts Her Down: 'This Makes My Head Explode!'

"Name one country where socialism has ever worked,” Meghan McCain demanded. “Sweden. Denmark. Norway. Finland. Iceland,” Joy Behar calmly replied.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain (Screengrab)

Meghan McCain on Tuesday had an epic meltdown over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her democratic socialist platform—as Joy Behar issued a point-by-point rebuttal of her conservative co-host.

“The View” panel was discussing the “rising stars” of the Democratic party, including Ocasio-Cortez. Behar asked if democratic socialism is more akin to liberalism than socialism.

“No,” McCain insisted.

“Think about it for a second,” Behar replied. “Medicare, social security, garbage collection, the Post Office, the library, the fire department.”

Sunny Hostin agreed, explaining that when “The View” interviewed Ocasio-Cortez, the House candidate laid out her platform.

“She says Medicare-for-all, fully funded public schools and universities, paid family and sick leave, justice system reform, immigration justice, infrastructure overhaual, clean campaign finance, an economy of peace, housing as a human right," Hostin explained.

“That sounds like a successful country,” Behar replied.

“Can I please push back on that, because this makes my head explode,” McCain said. “Which, by the way I hope the Democrats do run a democratic socialist … Because I think you’ll lose spectacularly and then I will look forward to election night when I finally get to tell everybody ‘I told you so.’”

McCain ranted about the conditions in Venezuela, prompting Behar to reply Ocasio-Cortez is "talking more about Scandinavia than Venezuela.”

“This is what I need from her, name one country where socialism has ever worked,” McCain demanded, her voice escalating.

“Sweden. Denmark. Norway. Finland. Iceland,” Behar calmly replied.

“On your tax form, I think you should start paying the amount of taxes every socialist thins you needs to,” McCain shouted. “Because if you think the government is so good at spending money, look at the V.A.!"

“I just told you several countries that do it,” Behar shot back.

McCain continued to melt down, complaining “it’s prettifying to me that this is being normalized!”

“They have given this enormous tax break to the very very wealthy in the country,” Behar noted. “That tax break doesn’t have to be so generous to those really rich people does it? Because If you don't give that money to them, what happens to that money? Better schools. Better post offices. Better garbage pick-up.”

Watch below:

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