Trump Economy: Wisconsin's Foxconn plant looking to bring in Chinese workers for US taxpayer-funded jobs

The plant has been heavily subsidized with $3 billion in American tax dollars

Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore)

A Wisconsin tech plant which has been hailed by President Donald Trump as a major step forward for American manufacturing is looking to bring in Chinese workers to staff the plant, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Foxconn Technology is a key supplier to Apple, and is opening a large new plant in the Midwest. The plant has been heavily subsidized with $3 billion in American tax dollars, potentially up to one million dollars per job.

But with a tight market for qualified American workers, Foxconn is "trying to tap Chinese engineers through internal transfers to supplement staffing."

“It’s very difficult to find skilled labor in our market,” said a staffing agency near the plant. “All the technical schools and local universities are gearing up their programs, but I still think Foxconn is going to fall short in terms of finding the people they need."

The company's plan is to bring in Chinese workers.

The big problem the company is facing? Chinese workers don't want to move to Wisconsin.

"One engineer who declined to give his name said he wouldn’t want to move to a place he worried could be as cold as Harbin, a northern Chinese city known as 'Ice City,'” reports the Wall Street Journal.


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