MSNBC Panel Erupts in Laughter After 'TV Lawyer' Giuliani Claims He Was 'Probably' Present During June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

“This is so incredibly ridiculous."

Rudy Giuliani

An MSNBC panel on Sunday erupted in laugher over Donald Trump’s “TV lawyer” Rudy Guliani,whose interview with ABC reminded the guests of AM Joy that the former mayor of New York is really just the president’s PR guy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a president’s lawyer go on TV and say ‘oh, he’s going to charge him.’ but he seems to think his client will be charged with obstruction of justice,” Joy Reid said.

Esquire journalist Charlie Pierce noted Giuliani is “out there to change public opinion,” not to lead the president’s defense.

Reid played a clip of Giuliani telling ABC he was “probably” present during the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

“I was probably there that day,” Giuliani declared in that clip. “I don’t remember it. Did somebody say something to me? I don’t know. You know what a campaign is like? It’s helter-skelter.”

That remark prompted jeers from the panel.

“This is so incredibly ridiculous. Somebody ought to be at the New York State Bar Association filing a grievance against Rudy Giuliani, ” contributor Tiffany Cross said.

“The fact that Donald Trump has chosen this cousin-dater to lead his defense team shows how ill equipped he is to be at the helm of the United States,” Cross continued “But if Donald Trump refuses a [Mueller] subpoena, this is an example of something that likely could end up before the Supreme Court and what do you know? He has a Supreme Court pick coming up Monday.”

Watch the clip below:

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