Lawyer Who Deposed Trump Details How His ‘Self-Serving’ Nature Fares Under Oath: ‘The Pot Boiled Over’

A look at how Donald Trump will behave if he sits down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Zeitz, an attorney who deposed Donald Trump in an eminent domain case in the 1990’s, explained the president’s disposition under oath in an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye that aired Sunday.

“He was like a pot that started off and then simmered and then the pot was boiling and boiling” Zeitz told Kaye. “Then we got towards the tail end of the deposition. That's when the pot boiled over.”

“Donald was the Donald that you see now,” Zeitz continued. “He walks in. He wants to take over and make the deposition his deposition even though it is mine. He tries to control the questioning.”


Zeitz described Trump “calling me a third-rate lawyer,” explaining he knew it was a good sign because it meant “I had gotten to him.”

Trump’s technique when being deposed is what Zeitz called a “nonresponsive answer.”

“He will add things on,” Zeitz explained. “He will make self-serving statements. He will shuck and jive. If I ask Donald a question, what time is it, he would probably tell me how to build a clock. He was grossly unprepared or he was just deliberately being evasive. What he was doing, at least in the deposition, was saying that he delegates everything to everybody else.”

“The problem is trying to figure out are the answers a deliberate lie or are they a product of someone who is indifferent to the facts or indifferent to what he signed and therefore there was no intent,” Zeitz explained.

Still, the attorney said, Trump is “no dummy.”

“He is like an animal in the woods,” he said. “[Trump] has been through plenty of depositions. If you approach him the normal way he will pick up the scent and understand that he has to be careful about what he says because he is no dummy.”

Watch below:

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Elizabeth Preza is the Managing Editor of AlterNet. Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.