Judge rules White House must reinstate Jim Acosta's press pass — for now

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly,, a Trump appointee, cited a lack of due process in the decision to strip Acosta’s press pass.

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CNN and the Trump administration were in court over reporter Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” access to the White House on Friday morning, and it didn’t go so well for Team Trump. U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly has temporarily reinstated Acosta’s press pass while the larger issues in the case continue to be litigated.

And here it is! Kelly says plaintiffs have shown likelihood fifth amendment rights were violated, and there is irreparable harm.

Judge Kelly orders the White House to reinstate Jim Acosta’s hard pass.

— Paul McLeod (@pdmcleod) November 16, 2018

Kelly, a Trump appointee, cited a lack of due process in the decision to strip Acosta’s press pass, as well as the use of a doctored video to justify the action against Acosta.

Today’s decision is just a temporary injunction while the larger legal issues are fought out in court.

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