Jon Stewart Defends Samantha Bee: Trump Says 'C*nt' Instead of 'Please'

Comedian Jon Stewart suggested Donald Trump might not actually be offended by Samantha Bee's word choice.

Jon Stewart
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Jon Stewart on Sunday night defended his former protégé Samantha Bee's use of the word “c*nt” to describe White House adviser Ivanka Trump, suggesting the Trump administration's peal-clutching over Bee’s use of profanity is faux-outrage on the president’s part.

“They don’t give a shit about the word ‘c*nt,’” Stewart said bluntly. “[Donald Trump] says that instead of ‘please,’ I’m guessing.”

As the Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein reports, Stewart made the remark during an audience Q&A with the San Francisco Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub.

Stewart, who was set to perform late Sunday at Clusterfest, told the Q&A audience he thinks Donald Trump can be defeated—but warned his side isn’t playing fair.

“Please understand that a lot of what the right does, and it’s maybe their greatest genius, is they’ve created a code of conduct that they police, that they themselves don’t have to, in any way, abide,” Stewart said.

“Don’t get caught in a trap of thinking you can live up to a code of integrity that will be enough for the propagandist right,” he cautioned. “There isn’t. And so, create your own moral code to live by, but don’t be fooled into trying to make concessions that you think will mollify them.”

Asked whether his set will “slay the dragon,” Stewart said his routine “speaks to the yearning in America right now that this is a dragon that can be slayed. And I think that he will be defeated by better ideas.”

“Everybody’s looking for a shortcut,” Stewart said, according to Wilstein. “It’s really quite simple. What is the opposition party? Oh yeah, the Democrats. If they could come with like, I don’t know what you would call it, a set of ideas. And then they would say them in a way that didn’t seem fucking weird. And then, like, the people would—understanding how the Electoral College works—vote and then I’m assuming at that point he has to leave.”


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