Guess Which Right The NRA Suggests Congress Should Infringe Upon In Order to Combat School Shootings

Hint: It's not the one that actually permits the use of military-style weapons.

NRA Youtube aficionado Colion Noir on Thursday explained exactly where the blame for mass shootings lies, insisting the mainstream media’s coverage of these recurring tragedies is the impetus for more of them to occur.

“Can anyone tell me the last time a mass school shooter left a manifesto, comment on social media or a video where they said they were inspired to commit their atrocity by a firearm?” Noir asked. “I’m sure you can’t. And neither can I.”

Noir said that while news organizations try to “pivot” to gun control in the wake of mass killings, “the pen is still mightier than the sword.”

“[Killers] are inspired by the infamous glory of past shooters who they relate to,” Noir argued. “And no entity on the planet does a better job—whether directly or indirectly—of glorifying these killers and thereby providing the inspiration for the next one, than our mainstream media.”

Via his personal media platform,  Noir declared “attention seeking in this country” at “an all-time high,” insisting kids these days will do “anything for attention.” It’s time, he said, for us to address the “glorification of carnage and pursuit of ratings.”

“Step up and pass legislation putting common sense limitation on the mainstream media’s ability to report on these shootings,” Noir demanded, adding Congress should “pass a law stopping the media from reporting the killer’s name or showing his face.”

Noir later admitted he suggested restricting the First Amendment to evoke “the same feeling gun owners get” when people propose the “same limitations on the Second Amendment.” He then clarified that he doesn’t believe in restricting any rights.

To Noir’s point—the pen may be mightier than the sword. Unless that sword is an AR-15.


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Elizabeth Preza is the Managing Editor of AlterNet. Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.