Glenn Beck Storms Off CNN After Brian Stelter Asks 'Ridiculous Question' About His Media Company 'Imploding'

"You want to play those games?" Glenn Beck asked. "Have a nice day.”

Brian Stelter and Glenn Beck

“The Blaze” founder Glenn Beck on Sunday blew up at CNN’s Brian Stelter over a question about his company “imploding,” accusing the “Reliable Sources” host of “dividing” America and only caring about “ratings.”

Beck accused Stelter of bringing him on the show “because it’s all about ratings.”

“This isn’t about ratings,” Beck said of his appearance on Stelter’s show. “This is about saving our country, bringing us together. Stop dividing us.”

“So, to be clear, you think that I’m dividing the country for ratings by booking you?” Stelter asked,

“Brian, stop — look at what you’re doing,” Beck said. “When did this become about you? It’s about the media and the administration. That’s what you guys want to make it into, okay?”

“If it was about me, I would do like a ten-minute commentary the way you used to,” Stelter shot back. “If it was about me, I’d get out a blackboard the way you used to.”

Beck accused Stelter of lacking introspection as it relates to his role in the media.

“Look, Brian, if you want to have a conversation, the media really wants to know, great, we can have that conversation,” Beck told Stelter. “Nobody’s interested in looking at themselves and saying what did I do? I know what I’ve done.”

Stelter then asked about Beck’s company, which the Daily Beast reported Saturday is “imploding.”

“Is this related to the point about people not talking to each other?” Stelter wondered. “That if you want to create that media company, there’s not interest? What’s going on with that?”

“Wow, Brian, thanks a lot,” Beck replied. “I think that’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard. I’m sitting here ready to talk to you about the detaining of children and parents and trying to break families apart — something that has been happening with [former Attorney General] Janet Reno.”

“That’s why it went to the Supreme Court in the first place,” Beck said. “Janet Reno! It’s been happening. We want to stop and you want to play those games? Have a nice day.”

“What game did I just play?” Stelter asked.

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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