‘Dónde Votar’ Is the Top Trending Search Term on Google Right Now — Here's Why that Could Be Great News for Democrats

Google says the search term is spiking 3,350 percent.

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Google Trends reports the top trending search term Tuesday morning is "Dónde votar," Spanish for "Where to vote," and that's great news for Democrats. Google says the search term is "spiking 3,350%."

"Dónde votar" ("where to vote") is the top trending search on Google in the US today - spiking 3,350%.#Midterms #vote https://t.co/7P9QmWr3G9 pic.twitter.com/AQe5gkMw8V

— GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) November 6, 2018

"More than 29 million Hispanics are eligible to vote, a new high, up 4 million from 2014," Pew Research reports, noting that 62 percent of registered Latino voters identify as Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party.

Anecdotal reporting and some polls this year have claimed a lack of interest from some Hispanic and Latino voters, including those who traveled to Florida from Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, which devastated the U.S. territory.

That appears to be changing, with groups like Voto Latino working to register eligible Hispanics to vote.


Following last week's #GOTV 3-state tour with @AmericaFerrera, we have surpassed our goal to register 200k voters in 2018, w/ 90% of the voters registered in 11 critical states for 2018, including AZ, CO, FL, NV and TX!

#somosmas pic.twitter.com/gvAunnBbBZ

— Voto Latino (@votolatino) October 29, 2018

"This year’s election comes at a time when most Latinos have grown dissatisfied with the nation’s direction and have more concerns about their place in American society," Pew adds in a November 2 report. "They also overwhelmingly disapprove of the president’s performance and see his administration’s policies as harmful to Latinos."

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