CNN exposes Trump’s 'nationalism' for it’s pathetic disfiguration of the American legacy

A “dire warning” has been issued.

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Kevin Liptak and Kaitlyn Collins have put together A chilling snapshot of where the current administration has taken the United States of America on the world stage.

As a reminder of how far our country has fallen from moral legitimacy, this article describes to us a president who is distant, disinterested, and dangerous, unsettlingly too willing to put his egomania above every single citizen of our nation. Morever, it reminds us of a president who is a clear and present danger to our nation, not to mention our entire world.

And when the world looks at America, they are less impressed than ever. 20% of Americans may think that we are being made great again, but 98% of the rest of the world disagrees, as described by Liptak and Collins:

The imagery may have been rooted in logistics, but as France and its European partners fret about the alliance forged with the United States in bloody conflict a century ago, it mattered. Trump has shown little appetite for strengthening the relationships that have underpinned transatlantic relations since the end of World War I, instead lambasting traditional US partners on trade and the cost of security.He's shown more affinity for strongmen leaders who have eroded democracy in their countries, like Putin, with whom he spoke at a lunch on Sunday, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who sat alongside him at dinner on Saturday.That's left leaders, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Macron, who put forth well-publicized displays of unity this weekend, to urgently warn of backsliding into history's darkest moments

There was a time  when America provided moral, ethical, political, and economic leadership in this world. But it is clear that this time is slipping  between our fingers. 

We must find our voice, and we must become evangelists for the truth that is stronger than the fears of those who elect people like Donald Trump. The world is on a razors edge. It is up to the citizenry of the United States take action. If we can’t stop the fascist forces currently seeking to control our nation, the losses in life, freedom, and democratic ideals will be beyond all of our reckoning.

This CNN article is more than just an eloquently written snapshot into current events.  It is a call to restore out very collective humanity.

Let us all respond, in whatever way we are able. But in the meantime here is what President Macron from France had to say:

Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying 'our interests first; who cares about the others?', we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great, and what makes it essential — its moral values… The old demons (have resurfaced). Giving into the fascination for withdrawal, isolationism, violence and domination would be a grave error.

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