Don Hazen

Editorial: Don't Let the Tech Giants Undermine AlterNet's Fight Against Trump

This fall we shared the disconcerting story of how new threats to democracy were undermining independent, progressive media like AlterNet.

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Editorial: Google's Threat to Democracy Continues to Hit AlterNet Hard, But We Are Pushing Back

A few weeks ago, AlterNet put out an SOS. We were getting slammed by Google’s new algorithm intended to fight “fake news.” We were losing millions of monthly visitors, and so was much of the progressive news media. Lost readership goes directly to the bottom line.

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Organic Food and Farm-to-Table Pioneer Alice Waters Is Creating a Revolution in School Lunches

When I spoke with Alice Waters, we didn’t focus on her famed restaurant, Chez Panisse, or her profound impact on the way we eat today, starting with the concept of farm to table. Rather, we talked about her passionate, decades-long campaign to provide organic school lunches to kids across the country.

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Editorial: Google's Threat to Democracy Hits AlterNet Hard

The story we are sharing with you is very disconcerting for independent media and America’s future, and frankly unprecedented in AlterNet’s history.

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Donald Trump Is Leading a 'Cult of Toxic White Masculinity' That May Destroy Our Institutions and Endanger Our Safety

For every lie he tells, every promise he breaks, every newly submitted exhibit in the case proving his corruption, Donald Trump’s base only adores him more. Trump is historically the most unpopular president in modern American history, but polls suggest he may also be among its most fervently supported. If there’s anything Trump’s campaign and presidency have proved, it’s that 35 percent of voters in this country will back him passionately, no matter what he does.

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What Can We Learn from 1967's Summer of Love to Help Us Through Our Current Political Nightmare?

Editor's Note: Danny Goldberg is the modern version of the Renaissance man. He has a long and colorful history as an activist, author and influential music executive. Goldberg came of age at the height of the hippie era in 1967, experiencing the powerful and haunting mix of excitement, hope, experimentation and despair. He captures it all in vibrant detail and political nuance in his newest book, In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea (Akashic Books). AlterNet's executive editor Don Hazen interviewed Goldberg in his offices at Gold Village Entertainment on July 12.

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Michael and Me: Moore Crashes Broadway With an Anti-Trump Political Rally, and a One-Man Show Like No Other

Michael Moore, whose one-man production “The Terms of My Surrender” opens Thursday night at the Belasco Theatre, is making history as the first progressive political icon to have his own Broadway show. Getting to the Great White Way suggests Moore is the most visible, marketable, lefty politico alive today. The show serves as both recognition and reaffirmation of Moore’s successes: an Academy Award for Bowling for Columbine; the highest-grossing documentary in history, Fahrenheit 9/11; and a collection of New York Times bestselling books. It’s a list of accolades that has turned Moore’s scruffy, baseball-capped visage into one of America’s most recognizable personal brands.

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The Mess We Are In: Destructive Bush Trauma Paved the Way for Trump Trauma

As a public intellectual, playwright and longtime foundation executive, Colin Greer has a unique view on politics and grassroots-oriented change. Formerly a CUNY professor and an expert on education and immigration—he wrote The Great School Legend along with nine other books—he was a founder of Change Magazine and Social Policy Magazine, and was a contributing editor to Parade Magazine for 17 years. Since 1985, he has been president of the New World Foundation, one of the few philanthropies in America that primarily funds grassroots organizing. He also chairs the boards of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and the Lark Theatre. Greer is a board member of the Independent Media Institute, the parent organization for AlterNet.

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Aaahhhhpocalypse Now!: 10 Dark Visions Headed Your Way

Things are not looking good out there. Manmade climate change has already led to widespread devastation, with more unimaginable horrors on the way. For half a generation, the United States has been immersed in futile wars that have only made the world more unsafe, and recent saber-rattling suggests more conflict is on the horizon. This country has too many guns, too many prisons and too few people holding nearly all the wealth. On top of it all, a hotheaded bully is charged with deciding when to whip out our great big missiles.

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Editorial: What Can We Really Do About Trump? And What Is Trump Doing to Us?

Many of us feel like we’re in an unfamiliar and disorienting situation. We’ve never imagined, much less experienced anything remotely like the behavior and attitude of Donald Trump. In this new reality, we live in a state where our leader—the most powerful person in the world—lies consistently, is completely unreliable and cannot be trusted.

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