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Is Trump Simply the Worst Human Being We Can Imagine? 14 Experts Weigh In

No doubt, there are historians who are already willing to call Donald Trump the worst president in history. It is hard to imagine how, in such a short time, an elected president could reveal how truly bad he is; how ignorant, insensitive, mendacious, dysfunctional, self-centered, and at times borderline psychotic. But all this may add up to more than just "worst president." Trump may be the worst human being alive—the most hated person in America and throughout the world today.

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The Dangers of Defending an Open Society Against Ideological Murderers

Editor's note: Read responses to the killings from other journalists and cartoonists here. 

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The 10 Obama Policies and Failures That Make Us Angriest

President Barack Obama is getting ready for his 5th State of the Union Address tomorrow night. Typically, presidents use the occasion to sketch out their agenda and vision for the next year while subtly putting tons of positive spin on their accomplishments. Here, as a good talker, Obama has been is in his element.  But now, Obama's sweet talk has begun to turn sour—he has a long pattern of soaring rhetoric and empty promises followed by some fundamental failures to deliver.  It is the lack of action, the hypocrisy, the talking the talk without walking the walk, that have made many progressives and liberals frustrated and angry.
This is not a bright moment for Mr. Obama. His popularity is in the dumpster—currently at a measly 46 percent from an all-time low of 42 percent in November, it is certainly no help for the Democrats in the 2014 Congressional races.  Some of Obama's low popularity is due to the relentless, often irrational attacks by the conservatives on the Affordable Care Act, which—while having many positive elements—is still fraught with many problems that frustrate people across the spectrum.
In fact, Obama's popularity has dropped among liberals and independents. And there are plenty of reasons why, as you'll see below.  

So, on the eve of his SOTU, the editorial staff at AlterNet brings you a list of Obama "bads"— a list of 10 areas where Mr. Obama has made us most mad, frustrated and disgusted. We wish he would both address these topics head on in his SOTU, and then do everything in his power to mobilize people to get things done. There is still time for our 44th president to show some mettle. There is time to get beyond the talk, stop catering to the corporate interests who still believe in cutting budgets, stop shrinking Social Security,  and stop screwing the large majority of Americans in the name of dividends and profits—and become  a true populist.
Mr. President, how about following up your recent stirring rhetoric on the question of inequality with a fierce determination that will inspire many millions. How about crack some eggs, kick some butts and make a bunch of billionaires and bankers unhappy with you. That is a legacy to which you should be aspiring. Don't worry, you will make plenty of millions after you leave the White House.

1. Obama's caver-in-chief leadership style

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