Ivy Olesen

I Went Undercover at a Boot Camp for Young Conservatives - Here's What I Learned

“I’m up at three in the morning, sweating, because the Fed isn’t destroyed yet,” proclaims Ivy El Zaatari, a wise-cracking young conservative standing before the classroom in a bright red dress. Outside, the sky and sea on this Santa Barbara Saturday are bright blue. But the lights are dim inside the small UC Santa Barbara room. The Powerpoint behind Ivy glows as she paces.

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10 Big Media Realities in the Trump Era

Editor’s Note: This article is meant to help educate people on the many complexities of the rapidly changing media system—progressive, independent, conservative, and corporate. It is, in a sense, a work in progress because a good part of this article is about web traffic and data is ever changing, and because some websites are more or less accurately counted, e.g., by Quantcast, while other sites do not allow Quantcast to measure them. We only cited reader traffic that was confirmed by an independent source.

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Resist Trump Tuesdays: Fighting the Banks That Fund Pipelines

As part of this week's Resist Trump Tuesday planned action, Bay Resistance protesters marched through downtown Oakland, Calif. to defund the Dakota Access Pipeline, despite President Trump ordering its completion.

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Vampire Webpages Suck Content From Legitimate Progressive News Sites

Some new media vampires on the internet block are pilfering content from independent journalism websites and deceitfully posting it as their own on Facebook, the premier social media platform.

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13 Tips for the Millennial Revolution

In the middle of inauguration day, in a dreary, drizzly Washington, D.C., I pop into a small café across from McPherson Square to chat with Moumita Ahmed, the founder of Millennials for Revolution (previously Millennials for Bernie Sanders), about what revolution looks like going forward.

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Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign didn’t just defy conventional wisdom by mobilizing millions of Americans. Its organizers and activists rewrote the political playbook by situating the campaign as part of a massive, grassroots, volunteer-driven movement for social, racial and economic justice and real change. Becky Bond and Zack Exley were at the heart of the campaign’s extensive volunteer effort. They and legions of young and older supporters used a mix of digital tools to communicate, organize, inspire, track and turn out voters. They tell the story and the lessons of what worked, what didn’t and why, in their new book, Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change EverythingBond and Exley spoke with AlterNet’s Don Hazen, Steven Rosenfeld and Ivy Olesen.

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