Les Leopold

Here's the simple and cruel logic of Trump's re-election bid

President Trump has finally made public his fateful choice. He’s all in on reopening the economy even if it sends the virus death count into the millions. Actually he made that choice long ago.

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The two numbers Trump can’t spin

As November nears Trump will continue to bombard us with a dizzying array of statistics that he hopes will demonstrate how great a job he and his administration are doing. We do the most testing in the world. We’re making the most ventilators. We build the most hospital beds. And we will soon again have the best economy in the history of the world.

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Is Wall Street killing grandma?

If you or your loved ones become seriously ill during this pandemic crisis, either with Covid-19 or for any other reason, there may not be a hospital bed or life-saving equipment available for you. How can that be given that we spend twice as much on health care than any other country on Earth?

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America's biggest lie

Pundits and politicians repeatedly warn us that the country cannot afford costly social services. They  caution about the perils of a rising national debt, the supposed near bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security, and the need to sell public services to the highest bidder in order to save them.  We must tighten our belts sooner or later, they tell us, rather than spend on social goods like universal health care, free higher education and badly needed infrastructure.

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Let's Hope the Democrats Are Not Stupid Enough to Keep Embracing Wall Street

One of the best ways to help Trump win a second term would be for the Democratic Party to embrace Wall Street. That surely would convince enough working-class voters in key states that the Democrats are totally in bed with financial elites, care little about the destruction of middle-class jobs, and will continue to promote and profit by runaway inequality.

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America's Plutocrats Are Running for Political Office Across the Country: Can Our Democracy Survive It?

In his bestselling Capital in the 21st Century, economist Thomas Piketty alerted the world to the new aristocracy of wealth being formed by runaway inequality.  We have only to look at the state of Illinois to see what this means for democracy.  

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So Why Did Hillary Clinton Kick Up the Dust with Bernie Sanders All Over Again?

In her new book What Happened? Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders with a vengeance. She claims that:

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Why Union Workers and Environmentalists Need to Work Together with Smart Protests

As Trump slashes and burns his way through environmental regulations, including the Paris Accord, he continues to bet that political polarization will work in his favor. Not only are his anti-scientific, anti-environmentalist positions firing up some within his base, but those positions are driving a deep wedge within organized labor.  And unbeknownst to many environmental activists, they are being counted on to help drive that wedge even deeper.

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Obama Has Offered Us Glaring Proof of the Lock Grip the Finance Industry Has on Our Politics

Just as Donald Trump mortgages the White House to Goldman Sachs, Barak Obama does a Hillary by agreeing to take $400,000 from Wall Street to give one speech. Obama will make as much money in one hour as the average American makes in about five years.

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