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13 Bright Spots and Optimistic Thinkers Challenge the Dark Future of Trump

We all recognize the darkness that has descended upon us as the Trump administration reveals its reactionary intentions, levels of corruption and destructive and chaotic approach to governing. Some people are feeling apocalyptic about the future, as we have covered.

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Aaahhhhpocalypse Now!: 10 Dark Visions Headed Your Way

Things are not looking good out there. Manmade climate change has already led to widespread devastation, with more unimaginable horrors on the way. For half a generation, the United States has been immersed in futile wars that have only made the world more unsafe, and recent saber-rattling suggests more conflict is on the horizon. This country has too many guns, too many prisons and too few people holding nearly all the wealth. On top of it all, a hotheaded bully is charged with deciding when to whip out our great big missiles.

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WATCH: Reporter Arrested for 'Trying to Ask Tom Price Questions' About GOP's Obamacare Repeal

During a speech in West Virginia given by Health Secretary Tom Price, journalist Dan Heyman was reportedly arrested for asking Price about the GOP’s new healthcare bill.

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VIDEO: How Not to Dispose of that Marijuana Crop You Just Busted

Somewhere in Eastern Europe (Albania? Russia?) a police man is reconsidering his marijuana destruction tecniques. 

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A Car Full of the World's Worst A-Holes: The Photo That Captures the Essence of the Trump Campaign

Oh, look! It’s a picture of Rudy Giuliani and Roger Ailes—aka Trump’s work boyfriends—embodying the perfect image of corrupt, cigar-chomping, rich, puffy, white, political fat cat cliches. This is the Trump campaign summed up in a single image. Twenty bucks says they just hopped into this limo after yelling at the help, asking some woman CEO to go get them coffee, or getting red in the face as they shout "buy low, sell high!" into a phone.

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WATCH: Bill Maher Rips 'Andrew Dice Trump' With Foul-Mouthed Future State of the Union

Friday night in his new rules segment, Bill Maher imagined a future hell no one is prepared for yet. The joke has become a reality over the past few weeks as it's increasingly looking like Donald Trump willl become the GOP nomineee and possibly (gasp!) the president of the United States. 

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WATCH: Bill Maher Doubles Down on Bernie Endorsement: 'F*ck Yeah' He's Ready

On Friday night's Real Time Bill Maher made his love of Bernie Sanders even clearer and more unequivocal than before, issuing his most enthusiastic endorsement of the Vermont Democratic Socialist yet.

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Send a Holiday Message to a Prison Rape Survivor

The holidays are a wonderful time to spread well-wishes all around. This season, you can do that by sending a kind message to a survivor of prison sexual abuse.

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Bernie Sanders' Perfect Response to Donald Trump's Call to Ban All Muslim Immigration

On Monday afternoon, Donald Trump upped his xenophobia game, issuing a statement demanding an immediate halt to all Muslim immigration to the United States. 

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