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Sociopaths: That's all that's left of the Republican party

A new book released by Donald Trump's niece revealed what anyone who has been paying attention already knew: sociopathy dominated Trump’s upbringing and he clearly didn't escape its grasp.

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Three simple rules for dealing with inane debate moderators

Much has been written about the insipid nature of the questions from the debate moderators following the first two rounds of debates. Jake Tapper was particularly appalling with his inane Republican framing and his goading of candidate vs. candidate attacks by using the statements of a nobody like John Delaney as a measuring stick against which other candidates’ policy positions should be measured and justified.

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Defending real elections will be a core issue in 2020 — thanks to the Supreme Court

Catch-22’s suck. And make no mistake, a Catch-22 is exactly what gerrymandering has created and will continue to create, thanks to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Rucho v. Common Cause, in which the court abdicated any role in restricting or regulating partisan gerrymandering. In many states—and in most cases we’re talking about states run by Republicans—the way electoral districts are drawn is unfair and puts one party at a severe disadvantage. The only way to change the way the districts are drawn is to defeat the governing party. The problem is that the only way to defeat the governing party is to win an election that takes place under the current system, the one that puts the party that’s out of power at a severe disadvantage. That’s what we call a Catch-22.

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Trump claims public may 'demand' he 'stay longer' than 8 years in office

For reasons that can only be guessed at, Donald Trump is in an especially foul mood this weekend. That has manifested itself primarily as ever-escalating attacks on the free press, repeating in multiple tweets charges that the "Corrupt News Media" is "without doubt, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!"

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Even Republicans are pissed that Trump is slashing these key programs in rural areas

The Trump administration is slashing rural jobs and training for disadvantaged teens in rural areas, it announced late last week. The administration is closing Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers in Arkansas, Kentucky, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, Washington state, and Wisconsin. It’s the largest layoffs of civil servants in nearly a decade, according to experts.

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Trump's Supreme Court picks outdo themselves on hypocrisy over census citizenship question

It’s not exactly breaking news that Republicans—including Republican judges—are giant hypocrites, but the Trump Supreme Court sure put on a brilliant display of hypocrisy during arguments on whether there will be a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Trump-appointed Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh had both claimed, prior to joining the Supreme Court, that they do not believe in looking to other countries’ laws to inform U.S. law, no sir. Things sounded rather different in the census arguments.

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Union Workers, Not Donald Trump, Pushed Fiat Chrysler Into Creating 2,000 Jobs

Great news: Fiat Chrysler has announced a $1 billion, 2,000-job investment in plants in Michigan and Ohio. Donald Trump didn’t quite claim credit in his predictable tweet about the news, but Reuters, for instance, reported the story with the headline “Fiat Chrysler ups the ante as automakers respond to Trump.” 

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Illinois Republican Governor Gets ZERO Votes On His 'Right To Work' Bill

Ouch. Illinois governor, Bruce Rauner, watched his anti-union bill called, 'Right-To-Work,' die a swift, cruel death in the House, on Thursday, with zero votes. Natasha Korecki with Chicago Sun Times reports the the tally was 0 yes votes, 72 no votes, and 37 voting present - "offering a blistering rebuke" to Rauner’s agenda.

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WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Pins Banker to the Wall on Student Debt Relief

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren cares a lot about making student loans affordable—and she happens to be a bankruptcy expert. This week, she turned that passion and that wealth of knowledge on Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association.

You would think bankers would learn not to try to get sneaky in response to Warren's pointed questioning. But this one had not learned that. Then again, what else is Hunt going to do to defend practices that leave parents struggling with the student loan debts of their dead children?

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Nebraska Joins States Banning Employers from Asking Job Applicants About Criminal History

Gov. Dave Heineman signed a bill Wednesday making Nebraska the 11th state that bars employers from asking prospective employees if they have a criminal record. The prohibition is a provision in a law designed to reduce prison overcrowding. It removes a box that asks job applicants whether they have been arrested or convicted of a crime. Checking that box instantly keeps many job seekers from getting hired for the lowest-paid jobs.

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