Mark E. Andersen

We must not accept habitual lying from our leaders

Donald J. Trump is a habitual liar. I know that will probably not come as a shock to anyone. It is, however, something that needs to be said often, and loudly, especially by the press. He is unfit for office, and his penchant for not telling the truth, and by extension, his spokespeople’s inability to be truthful on a consistent basis to the American public, should in itself be an impeachable offense.

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The cult of faux outrage

We live in a world where we are outraged over everything. A black man kneels in silent protest during the national anthem at a football game, and conservatives across America become unhinged in a patriotic fervor, demanding that he stand, hand on heart, during “The Star Spangled Banner”—anything else being an insult to the troops, veterans, and military members who never came home.

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America is in rapid moral decline

We have all seen the self-righteous memes in our social media feeds, and the message is always some variation of the following: American morals are going to hell in a handbasket. Yes, our nation is moral decay, according to a 2015 opinion piece from the National Review. Per the author of that piece, we liberals are hellbent on destroying America, what with our divorcing, single-parenting, social justice-backing, non-educating, homosexual-loving, art-hating ways. He was right, back in 2015, about the morals of this nation being in decay. But the issue with moral decay in this country has little to with divorce, non-traditional family units, rock n’ roll, or hip hop. It also has nothing to do with liberals.

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How Trump became the GOP's useful idiot

With the release of the Mueller report, it is quite clear that Donald Trump has obstructed justice and lied to the American people, and, while there are no definitive links between Russia and his campaign, it is pretty clear that Russia helped him and his campaign, and that the Republican Party does not care.

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Do Republicans really think we're this stupid?

During my lifetime, I have seen and heard some amazing things. I have seen a president resign in disgrace. I have seen a president lose his shot at a second term because he was too honest. I have seen a president who likely had dementia act his way through two terms, and set the stage for the nation we have today. I have seen a so-so president lead us into war, and his successor impeached for lying about getting a blowjob. Then we had a president elected by the slimmest of margins in an election decided by the Supreme Court, then eight years of war and incompetence. That was followed by eight years of an intelligent, wise president who was dogged by a hostile opposition party that stole a Supreme Court seat from him.

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Rock Star Blames Unions for Music's Downfall, But Venue Workers Aren't the Problem

I love music. I mean I really love it. I play guitar (poorly, but I get an A for effort), I go see live bands whenever I can—especially local talent. There really isn’t a genre of music that I don’t like, but if there is one style I like above the rest it is heavy metal. I cut my teeth on metal music when I was a teen dealing with an alcoholic parent and staring down the barrel of a future that I really did not want. I found solace in the lyrics and screaming power chords of songs written by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Metallica, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, and Ozzy Osbourne just to name a few. Today, that same music takes me back to my youth, makes me feel young again.

Even today, some 30 years later, I still keep up on my heavy metal heroes. While I am no longer a 16-year-old kid reading Circus magazine over my lunch hour, I do follow several bands on Facebook so that I can keep up with the comings and goings of my favorites. So it was no surprise when Robb Flynn’s (singer/guitarist for Machine Head) blog popped up in my feed. What I was not prepared for was an anti-union rant about the music industry.

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