Bob Johnson

Three simple rules for dealing with inane debate moderators

Much has been written about the insipid nature of the questions from the debate moderators following the first two rounds of debates. Jake Tapper was particularly appalling with his inane Republican framing and his goading of candidate vs. candidate attacks by using the statements of a nobody like John Delaney as a measuring stick against which other candidates’ policy positions should be measured and justified.

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'It's Really Hot': Tiny Pro-Gun Rally Featuring 'Conceal Carry Yoga Pants' Makes It One Whole Block

They made their mark. And let it be written (as one of their signs stated), “Fear the government that fears your guns.”

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Mueller Could Obtain Trump's Tax Returns - Without Telling Trump

There’s a good chance special prosecutor Robert Mueller may go after Trump’s tax returns — without Trump even knowing about it, according to Politico:

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