Joe Conason

A tale of two foundations

Nobody ought to be surprised to hear of the belated demise of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a racketeering enterprise under investigation by the state authorities in New York for the past two years. Barbara Underwood, the state attorney general, announced that the foundation will dissolve and its assets distributed to bona fide charitable groups. She seeks to prohibit its overseers, President Trump and his adult children, from serving on the board of any nonprofit in New York for the foreseeable future.

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Trump Brought Out the Worst of the GOP - and Will Leave the Party of Lincoln in a Degenerated State

Whatever the outcome of the midterm elections, the Republican Party under Donald Trump has awakened bad memories of the racially divisive campaign that helped elect George H.W. Bush to the presidency exactly three decades ago.

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The Taint on Brett Kavanaugh Keeps Growing

By delaying a vote on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, pending a "supplemental FBI investigation" of his background, Senate leaders hoped a quick show of bipartisan cooperation would soothe growing public concern about both process and nominee. But that hurried investigation is unlikely to inspire confidence.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee Must Investigate the Sinister 'Mistaken Identity' Plot That Tried - And Failed - to Exonerate Kavanaugh

While the Senate Judiciary Committee ponders disputed allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, its members must also contend with the indisputable fact that Kavanaugh's advocates attempted to perpetrate a massive deception on his behalf. Of all the bizarre aspects of this process, that may be the most sinister.

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The Massive Brett Kavanaugh Charade Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes

Facing a public relations debacle, Senate Republicans have come up with a surefire compromise to win confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: Instead of simply dismissing the sexual assault accusation lodged against their nominee, they will pretend to investigate -- and only then rubber-stamp him.

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Don't Believe the 'Insulting' Book Tour Hype: Ken Starr Is No Robert Mueller

In hawking his new memoir, Kenneth Starr displays all the dignity, fairness and proportion that characterized his pursuit of Bill Clinton's impeachment two decades ago.

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Here's How Trump Will Rig His Own Case

Nothing that Brett Kavanaugh said on his first day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings relieves the most profound suspicion: that President Donald Trump nominated him to front a legalistic coup against the rule of law.

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Here's Why Right-Wing Attacks on Real Journalism Are So Dangerous for the Country

Whenever the president complains about "Fake News," always capitalized and often punctuated with exclamation points, rest assured that he doesn't mean the actual sources of fraudulent information that infest the internet and haunt American politics. No, Donald Trump's definition of "fake" has nothing to do with factuality or responsibility in media. It merely means news he doesn't like, usually truthful reporting about him, his family, his administration or his cronies produced by credible newspapers and broadcasters.

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Here's How Democrats Can Defeat Trump - by Pledging to Fulfill One of His Biggest Broken Promises

While commentators chastise congressional Democrats for lacking a cogent message for midterm voters, does the opposition really need to say much more than "to hell with Trump"? If so, they can start hammering a theme that will unite the party base, attract wavering supporters and blister the hide off this president for a monumental broken promise.

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