Watch: Right-wing pastor claims religious students are joining the clergy to turn Christians into atheists

Watch: Right-wing pastor claims religious students are joining the clergy to turn Christians into atheists
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Right-wing pastor and Oasis Granger founder Lucas Miles appeared on the propaganda network Real America's Voice on Wednesday and proclaimed that students are infiltrating religious institutions of higher education to join the clergy and brainwash Christians into atheism.


Bible college student enter Bible college as a um, you know, passionate believer and then leave an atheist. And that's hap – and then go and get a job at a pulpit someplace in America pastoring a church even though themselves, they don't believe in God. This is happening all the time, and this is one of the things that I'm really working to expose, and that also, you know, try and provide some solutions for.

Host Miranda Khan was dumbfounded at what Miles told her:

Yeah, yeah, Tuck, I, I was gonna wait to do that, but, but you have to explain that because I'm sure a lot of our viewers, their ears kist kinda perked up and said, 'what?!' And you said this is happening everywhere? I haven't heard of this happening. How do you know that based on the work that you've done? And I guess, you know, for our viewers, you're part of the American Pastor Project, so I'm sure this ties in with that. So, if you can, kind of explain this.

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Miles was happy to explain:

Yeah, so yeah, so actually, the founder of the American Pastor Project – and, and, this is a new initiative, we're just rollin' it out – uh and really what we're doing is we're, we're, holding pastors accountable to what I would call Christian orthodoxy, really solid, Christian teaching. We have two thousand years of Christian doctrine to look back upon, not to mention the teaching of the Old and New Testament that we can go to to see what is Christianity and what isn't Christianity. As you mentioned, this story, you know, bringing up the idea that because Jesus has a wound on his side that, that changes his gender is not a Christian teaching.

The American Pastor Project is a fundamentalist evangelical non-profit organization that promotes philosophies that are borderline medieval. While not yet designated as a hate group by watchdogs like the Southern Poverty Law Center or Antidefamation League, the conspiratorial and antisemitic* language on the APP's website appears to merit such consideration.

The APP's mission, according to its homepage, is to "eradicate Wokeism from the American pulpit" and to "protect our nation from the deceptions of false teaching and anti-Christ agendas, including, Marxism, socialism, CRT (critical race theory), universalism, critical queer theory, the slaughter of children (both in and out of the womb), climate alarmist theory, and globalism*. As such, we hereby agree to not use our pulpits, nor any extension of our ministries, to promote these false doctrines, nor to give place to their advancement."

Nonetheless, the "wound" story that Miles mentioned was an allusion to a Daily Telegraph report that outrage was triggered on Sunday after junior research fellow Joshua Heath of the University of Cambridge's Trinity College delivered a sermon that worshipers felt was blasphemous.

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"In Christ's simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body," Heath said of how Christ has been depicted in art throughout history.

Miles also found Heath's interpretation of Christ on canvas to be pearl-clutchingly offensive:

That's heresy, uh, that is totally against God and we need to call it as such. And we're seeing a lot of pastors that [are[ kinda putting their head in the sand. They're not willing to deal with it. They're afraid to talk politics 'cause they're afraid to lose people in their church and split their congregations.

And can we reject from the pulpit, you know, anti-God concepts such as CRT, abortion, LGBT agenda, et cetera, in our teachings? And I'm really curious to see how many pastors are gonna take this stand.

Watch below or at this link.

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