Watch: Fox host Jesse Watters orders women to stop 'calling us toxic' because 'men are on a mission'

Watch: Fox host Jesse Watters orders women to stop 'calling us toxic' because 'men are on a mission'
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The Fox News quintet on Monday's edition of The Five dedicated a segment to a report about pharmaceutical heiress Annabella Rockwell that was published in The New York Post on Sunday.

Rockwell purported to the tabloid that she "wound up 'totally indoctrinated' into viewing the world as a toxic patriarchy and herself as an oppressed victim — and eventually had to be reprogrammed" while attending Mount Holyoke University in 2011.

"This professor tells me about the patriarchy,” Rockwell told the paper. "I barely knew what the word meant. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I wasn’t someone that into feminism. I just knew that I felt I had always been free to do what I wanted. I never experienced sexism. But I was told there’s the patriarchy and you don’t even understand it’s been working against you your whole life. You’ve been oppressed and you didn’t even know it. Now you have to fight it. And I just went down this deep rabbit hole."

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On Monday, The Five spun Rockwell's story into an irrational diatribe.

"You know Jesse [Watters], what Dana [Perino] is talking about is the fact that fifty-eight of the top one hundred US medical schools have mandatory programs in the fundamentals of critical race theory that we've been told pretty much doesn't exist," host Judge Jeanine Pirro sneered.

As Pirro noted, CRT is taught at the college level, predominately to law students. But here Pirro muddied the waters by implying that the refutations of right-wing claims about CRT being a part of grade school curricula also apply to institutions of higher education.

"It's a woke indoctrination to the doctors and they're raising social justice as a focus. Is that relevant in medical school teaching?" Pirro asked Watters, who majored in history and is not a trained medical professional. But he nonetheless offered his opinion and declared himself a victim of scenarios that exist in his head.

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"Wellllllllll, I don't want to be discriminated against as a straight white male by my physician. Like I said, if there's a mistake made and I undergo some radical gender reassignment surgery cause someone has it in for me, that's gonna be a problem. And if you wanna save the three hundred dollars a day to de-program someone from being woke, watch Fox. It's the cost of a basic cable subscription," Watters pontificated.

"And I want to speak exactly to the heiress right now. Dana, hold my hand," Watters gestured to Perino. "Women need men, and men need women. We need each other. And if you understand nature, you understand there is not a war between the sexes. We need to make love, not war. And you need to stop chopping your hair off and calling us 'toxic.' We are on a mission. Yes, we peacock, but we peacock for your attention. So fall in love and let's all live happily ever after."

Watters added that "there is something I do want to address with her now as an heiress. It's a little bit of a sticky situation because in a way you're almost like a very successful, wealthy man and you don't know if someone is falling in love with you for your money or for your heart. So I would advise her, you can fall in love, but sign a prenup."

Fox pundit Greg Gutfield responded with a "wow."

Pirro then cited Rockwell's account that "professors encouraged alienation from the parents and offered their homes to stay in. If they didn't, the kids were ostracized."

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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