Right-wing radio host Mark Levin says he is 'ready to wrestle' Fox News hosts who doubt Donald Trump

Right-wing radio host Mark Levin says he is 'ready to wrestle' Fox News hosts who doubt Donald Trump
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Right-wing radio host Mark Levin – a diehard supporter of former President Donald Trump – railed against conservative pundits who blamed Trump for the Republican Party's lackluster performance in the midterm elections on Thursday's edition of The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One.

"This is what I said. It was very disappointing, but they're out and we're in," Levin said respectively of Democrats and the GOP, which regained a narrow majority in the United States House of Representatives. And yet for the last eight days, nine days, it's been 'the Democrats are celebrating. [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-California] just resigned, no, they're celebrating.'"

Levin took particular aim at two of his Fox News colleagues for urging Trump to not run for president in 2024:

I have another question. May I ask another question? I think I may. For my dear friend, Brit Hume and Marc Theissen and all the rest -- and they are friends. I mean, acquaintances anyway.

So, Trump is responsible for every single negative thing that happened on Election Day. All of his candidates, not you -- you voted -- all of his candidates, they lost. There's [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell [R-Kentucky] trying to save all the Trump candidates. McConnell the angel, flying in, trying to save us from Trump. You know how many seats we could have won, but for Trump? You know, we did take the House. Does Trump get any credit for that? No. No, you don't understand how this works. All success goes to McConnell, and the establishment Republicans. All failures go to Trump and MAGA. Oh, now I got it. Okay. Thank you. So if Hershel Walker wins in Georgia, it's McConnell. Thank you. He loses? It's Trump. Wins? McConnell. Loses? Trump. They already started their war on [GOP Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis. New York Times, or one of them. I get so confused -- they're all the same -- put out something the other day that DeSantis is Trump, but without a personality. Oh, now DeSantis, you see, is worse than Trump. Oh, worse than Hitler, how is that possible? By the way, DeSantis got the biggest Jewish vote as a percentage and as a full, you know, absolute number in the history of Florida as a Republican. But he's got to be part of the Third Reich, or now, I guess, it would be the Fourth Reich.

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Trump announced his bid late Tuesday night.

Levin then expressed dismay that he has to share a platform with Hume and Thiessen, and then essentially declared war on them:

I'm onto these bastards, and I'm ready to wrestle them for as long as I'm behind this microphone. And unfortunately for them, every one of my business partners keeps asking me to extend. So, we extended four years with Fox. We extended three years with Blaze, and in due course, we will deal with the radio situation. I'm not up yet.

[Congressman] James Comer [R-Kentucky] -- oh, and I have three more books coming. So, the only thing that can save them from me is a heart attack, or hit by a bus or whatever. Oh, my wife is cringing right now. Don't worry, honey.

Listen below via Media Matters for America.

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