'Madlibs for bigots': Twitter roasts JD Vance over conspiracy theory about 'poster board' Tim Ryan

'Madlibs for bigots': Twitter roasts JD Vance over conspiracy theory about 'poster board' Tim Ryan
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JD Vance, the Republican candidate for United States Senate in Ohio, shared a bizarre conspiracy theory about his Democratic opponent – Congressman Tim Ryan – with Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson on Thursday night. The winner of the race could determine which political party controls the Senate.

"Tim Ryan is sort of the 'poster board' for oligarchy. If you look at his views on green energy, really good for the people who fund his campaign, really bad for the people of Youngstown, Ohio. If you look at his views on, for example, flooding America with illegal aliens and then using American tax dollars to fund gender reassignment surgeries for those aliens, that's exactly what Tim Ryan has proposed," alleged Vance.

Vance was referring to answers that Ryan had provided on a 2019 presidential candidate questionnaire. Fox News noted on Wednesday evening that Ryan was asked if he supported "executive authority to ensure that transgender and non-binary people who rely on the state for medical care – including those in prison and immigration detention – will have access to comprehensive treatment associated with gender transition, including all necessary surgical care."

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Ryan, who is not currently running for president, responded in the affirmative and also said that he would pledge to reduce funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and shrink "the size of the immigration detention system by at least 75%, including by: 1) cutting ICE’s detention budget; 2) ending the detention of families, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable populations; 3) ending prolonged detention without bond hearings; and 4) ending requirements that immigrants post bonds they cannot afford."

But Twitter quickly noticed that Vance was twisting Ryan's focus on human rights in order to frighten his right-wing base.

"This is just mad libs for bigots," tweeted Kat Abu of Media Matters for America. "Yes this clip is very funny but he also called Tim Ryan a 'poster board' and I think we need to talk about that." Abu also posted that "I had to listen to it like three times to make sure I heard it right."

Abu was not alone. One user noted, for example, that Ryan "saying he'd provide medical care to transgender people in prison or immigration detention is quite a bit different than what Vance is suggesting. Vance makes it sound like he's planning to recruit transgender people from other countries."

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Another quipped that "those trans illegal immigrants will go to elementary schools and teach critical race theory in drag before grooming the kids to dress up as cats and use the litter boxes in their classrooms!"

Sarah in California joked, "because those seeking asylum in the US are coming here for the sole purpose of sex reassignment surgery, not like escaping poverty or violence."

Brian Reddy PhD wondered, "how do illegal aliens produce green energy by having gender reassignment surgery? I'd love to see the science on that."

So did New York 2024 Democratic congressional hopeful Hal Stewart, who asked of Vance, "do you think he realizes how stupid it sounds as he was saying it out loud?'

Young Turks host John Iadarola, meanwhile, pointed out that "it's bad that they'd say this, it's worse that they say it because they know the audience is desperate to hear this insane bullsh*t."

Watch below.

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