Watch: Herschel Walker falsely claims canceling the Keystone pipeline is the 'biggest threat to democracy'

Watch: Herschel Walker falsely claims canceling the Keystone pipeline is the 'biggest threat to democracy'
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Republican United States Senate nominee Herschel Walker of Georgia claimed to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the most imminent dangers to the survival of American democracy are fringe social issues that the GOP exploits to rile up its right-wing base.

"How are you feeling now forty-eight hours away?" Bartiromo asked Walker.

"Well, I feel pretty good, you know, when you have a president talking about the biggest threat to democracy is, seem to be electing a Republican, but I want everyone out there to listen to me. The biggest threat to democracy is to have him at the White House," Walker declared, referring to President Joe Biden.

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"And the biggest threat to democracy is to have someone like [incumbent Democratic] Senator [and Reverend Raphael] Warnock vote against our Keystone pipeline, which put us under international threat," Walker proclaimed. "I think right now that's a threat and uh, that's a security threat going to our enemies for energy. That's a threat. That's the biggest threat to democracy that they have."

That is false. "Many experts agree that moving ahead with the pipeline wouldn't have prevented U.S. gas prices from climbing to a record high. Expanding the Keystone would have increased global oil production by less than 1%, an amount, they explained, is 'almost negligible,'" CBS News reported in March.

"And also put men in women's sports, which he voted for that," Walker continued. "The biggest threat to democracy is to have the people that the Democrats right now, leading this country, 'cause they seem to be taking this country in the wrong direction. And I think Americans see that and they know that."

Walker then alluded to when Warnock "called our men and women in blue 'thugs and bullies'" in a series of sermons on police brutality back in 2015, following a Justice Department probe of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Force's practices. PolitiFact and CNN have fact-checked Walker's attack line and found that it was "misleading" and that there is no evidence to support it.

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What Warnock actually said was that “you can sometimes wear the colors of the state and behave like a thug” and that Ferguson cops occasionally exude “a kind of gangster and thug mentality.”

But Walker was still not finished. His final indictment of the left was that "they bringing pronouns into our military" while "saying it's the Republicans' fault."

Watch below or at this link.

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