'Gays Against Groomers' founder predicts more anti-LGBTQ+ violence until 'we end the evil agenda'

'Gays Against Groomers' founder predicts more anti-LGBTQ+ violence until 'we end the evil agenda'
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On Tuesday evening's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the namesake Fox News angertainer hosted Jaimee Michell, an activist who founded the non-profit organization "Gays Against Groomers." It claims to be "a coalition of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing, and medicalizing children under the guise of 'LGBTQIA+.'" The wording on its website, however, strongly indicates that it is a hate group, whose mission is to eradicate gender-affirming care and whose charter implies that LGBTQ+ individuals are threats to the wellbeing of children.

That designation is easily extrapolated from Michell's digital wake.

Gays Against Groomers was banned by Venmo and PayPal in September – just one day after it was booted from Google.

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"For months, along with right-wing troll Chaya Raichik, who runs Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account that calls itself Gays Against Groomers has been engaging in what advocates have said are strategies that amount to a stochastic terror campaign, specifically against transgender people," The Advocate reported at the time.

In a written statement to the paper, a spokesperson for PayPal explained that its "policy is not to allow our services to be used for activities that promote hate, violence, or discriminatory intolerance. We base our reviews of accounts on these parameters, taking action when we deem that individuals or organizations have violated this policy.”

Back in June, Twitter user CARP published a thread containing screenshots of Michell's online affiliations, which include "an anti-trans hate account and several well-documented crypto-white supremacists." Michell "also posts content from the hate group and seditious conspiracy Proud Boys, Gavin McInnis, and Murder The Media," CARP revealed, along with examples of Michell, who is Jewish, "promoting well-known antisemites."

Furthermore, "although she's gay she seems to hate LGBTQ who aren't far right, which is most LGBTQ," CARP observed. "She was somehow a #TrumpPride Board Member and did graphic design work for the 2020 RNC Convention."

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Michell's homophobic behavior has incorporated the right wing's adoption of "groomer" to demean human beings that identify as LGBTQ+. Michell, CARP reasoned, "pretends like the 'groomer' callout is just her defending kids, but gives it all away by just randomly calling an actor a groomer. It's simply a pejorative to demonize people she doesn't like and that's a broad swath of American[s]."

Michell reinforced that reputation during her appearance on Carlson's show.

Michell doubled down on her rhetoric, defending the use of "groomer" and suggesting that the mass shooting that killed five people and injured twenty-five others at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado early Sunday morning – which fell on Transgender Day of Remembrance – was preordained, and that the targeted anti-LGBTQ+ violence will carry on:

Right, I mean, it shouldn't have to be said. But, what is anti-LGBTQ that these people need to understand and what is putting our community in great danger is, you know, claiming that all of us support this and just associating all of us with this. You know, saying that 'groomer' is an anti-LGBTQ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole and is putting a really large target on our backs. And, unfortunately, you know, the tragedy that happened in Colorado Springs the other night, uh, you know, it was expected and predictable. Um, we all within Gays Against Groomers saw this coming from a mile away, and sadly, I don't think it's gonna stop until we end this evil agenda that is attacking children.

No quantifiable evidence has determined that LGBTQ+ Americans – especially drag queens – negatively influence kids.

But Michell is not the only voice fanning flames and rationalizing the attempted erasures of LGBTQ+ communities. On Tuesday afternoon, Daily Wire commentator and conspiracy theorist Matt Walsh blamed the Club Q massacre on the victims.

"If it’s causing this much chaos and violence, why do you insist on continuing to do it? If according to you, it’s like putting people’s lives at risk, if the effort to have men cross-dress in front of children is putting people’s lives at risk, why are you still doing it? Is it that important to you?" Walsh pontificated. "Instead of asking why we oppose it so much, we should ask why they support it so much that, according to them, they will keep doing it at the risk of life and limb. Why is it so important to you to cross-dress in front of children? Why is it so important? Why do you need to do it? Why? Is it worth the cost that you claim you’re paying for it?"

Last week, Maryland's Democratic Attorney General Brian Frosh concluded a massive four-year investigation that uncovered a nearly-century-long pattern of perversion committed by roughly thirteen dozen members of the Catholic clergy.

Frosh's probe identified "almost 160 priests who subjected more than 600 children to 'sexual abuse and physical torture' over eighty years," Now This News noted on Tuesday. "The attorney general's office has compiled its filings in a 465-page report, which it asked the Baltimore Circuit Court for permission to release Thursday. State law requires that the office get approval before releasing the report because it contains grand jury information, according to the Baltimore Banner," which broke the bombshell story on Friday.

If Michell and Walsh are genuinely concerned about children, their cause could be better served by them recognizing who the legitimately-suspected perpetrators of harm are.

Watch below or at this link.

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