'We’re the Titanic': Bill Maher predicts 'democracy is going to lose' on Election Day

'We’re the Titanic': Bill Maher predicts 'democracy is going to lose' on Election Day

Liberal/progressive activist and filmmaker Michael Moore has predicted that regardless of what polls have been showing, Democrats are going to enjoy a “blue tsunami” on Tuesday, November 8 — and millions of female voters, still angry because the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, will take out their anger on the GOP. But Bill Maher doesn’t share Moore’s optimism.

During a sobering commentary on Friday, November 4, the political comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time” predicted that “election deniers” and far-right MAGA Republicans of the “Stop the Steal” variety will perform well in big numbers on Election Day 2022 — thus enabling former President Donald Trump to pull off a coup in 2024’s presidential election. Maher didn’t mince words, describing November 8 as the day that U.S. democracy will die.

“The January 6 hearings, it turns out, changed nobody’s mind,” a frustrated Mahar lamented. “Democrat Jamie Raskin said the hearings would tell a story that will really blow the roof off the house; no, that was Hurricane Ian. The hearings: roof not blown. The committee did a masterful job laying out the case, but we live in partisan America now. So, it’s a little like doing stand-up when half the crowd only speaks Mandarin. No matter how good the material is, it’s not going to go over.”

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Maher added, “After the hearings, the percentage of Americans who think (Donald) Trump did nothing wrong went up three points. That’s America now…. Ben Franklin said our country was a republic if you can keep it; well, you can’t. And unless a miracle happens on Tuesday, we didn’t. Democracy is on the ballot on Tuesday, and unfortunately, it’s going to lose. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s not something you can change your mind about in reverse. That’s gender.”

The “Real Time” host and political comedian predicted that Republicans “will take control of Congress” on November 8 and, in 2023, will “begin impeaching (President Joe) Biden and never stop.”

“Biden will be a crippled duck when he goes up against the 2024 Trump/Kari Lake ticket,” Maher predicted. “And even if Trump loses, it doesn’t matter. On Inauguration Day 2025, he’s going to show up whether he’s on the list or not. And this time, he’s not going to take no for an answer because this time, he will have behind him the army of election deniers that is being elected in four days. There are almost 300 candidates on the ballot this year who don’t believe in ballots, and they’ll be the ones writing the rules and monitoring how votes are counted in ’24…. This really is the crossing-the-Rubicon moment, when the election deniers are elected — which is often how countries slide into authoritarianism.”

Maher continued, “Not with tanks in the streets, but by electing the people who have no intention of ever giving it back…. This is how it happens. Hitler was elected. So was Mussolini, Putin, Erdogan, Viktor Orbán. This is the it-can’t-happen-to-us moment that’s happening to us right now. We just don’t feel it yet. We’re the Titanic right after the iceberg hit.”

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