'Your vote should matter': Combat veteran urges undecideds to choose the 'sanctity' of democracy

'Your vote should matter': Combat veteran urges undecideds to choose the 'sanctity' of democracy
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A United States combat veteran issued a plea to voters who are still on the fence about what candidate they will support in the November midterm elections to choose representatives who treasure the "sanctity" of the American franchise.

He began:

Hey, my name is Don Moss. I want to talk to undecideds real quick. I'm a twenty-three-year combat veteran – Iraq, Afghanistan – please just give me a minute so I can talk to you about being undecided and the importance of you being able to be undecided. Right now, we've got candidates in this country, in our states, who are saying that the elections they don't win don't count, and they're rigged. But they can't bring any proof of any of that, and they keep saying it and asking for money and telling you to believe it, you know, and trying to get folks to pick them up. And to give them money, and power, and leadership over our country, but only when we vote their way.

Although Moss did not mention specific individuals or endorse any political parties, he stressed that protecting democracy is the most important issue in the upcoming contests, which are only two weeks away:

I would ask as a veteran that you realize the gravity of that and you vote against all of them. If they are not willing to appreciate the sanctity of the vote in the election and the democracy that I spent so much time sacrificing for, my family sacrificed for, my brothers and sisters sacrificed for, then I say you not give them your vote. Regardless of what else is going on and what the media is saying, and, you know, social media and all these people – whatever fluff they're pushing – I would ask you to keep the foundational belief that your vote should matter. And you should have the right to be undecided in the future, 'cause if you give these people power, you won't even get that right.

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Moss added that generations of Americans gave too much to have it all taken away by monied interests and greedy capitalists:

They're gonna do whatever they've gotta do to make sure that they never leave power. And that is not the democracy that I fought for or every veteran fought for. That is their country, sponsored by billionaires telling us what we should do, and how much we should pay for things, never lowering the costs for us, and always lowering the costs for themselves.

I would ask that you vote for democracy and you vote for what veterans have stood up for for so long, and you please, just, you know, think about that when you go to the voting booth.

Thanks for your time.

Watch below or at this link.

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