'I didn’t kill JFK': Herschel Walker denies latest abortion allegation while Lindsey Graham laughs at it

'I didn’t kill JFK': Herschel Walker denies latest abortion allegation while Lindsey Graham laughs at it
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U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is campaigning with Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker, and defending the former NFL star from accusations by a second woman earlier today that the man who claims to be one-hundred-percent anti-abortion “pressured” her to have an abortion and even drove her to her appointment when she was unable to go through with it the previous day.

“All right now guys I’m done with this foolishness I’m already told the line I’m not gonna continue to carry a lie alone and I also want to let you know I didn’t kill JFK either,” Walker told reporters Wednesday after the allegations were announced.

Sen. Graham laughed.

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“I want them to know they don’t know Herschel Walker. They don’t know that I’m from Wrightsville Georgia, and I’m gonna win this seat. I told them when I got in this race, I’m gonna win it and they now see that I am going to win it,” Walker told reporters. “So I just want you guys to know that this right here that right now. I’m winning to see. So I think that Senator Warnock seems not likely too hot. But I think he voted for me."

As he concluded his remarks a reporter asked: “Just to clarify, can you unequivocally deny you’ve never paid for any woman to have an abortion?”

Walker ignored her.

Senator Graham then stepped up to the microphone.

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“So I’ve seen this movie before, folks. I remember the Kavanaugh storyline really well,” Graham claimed. “The hearing’s over, does a great job. All of a sudden I’ve got this letter. I want to share it with the committee. Well it was shared at the Washington Post before it was shared with the committee making a salacious allegation. And Judge [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh met with every Democrat and the ones that knew about it never gave him a chance to explain himself and the rest is history. Another one another one and another one. So here’s the game plan her she’ll get a celebrity lawyer like Avenatti, who’s down in jail, get a celebrity lawyer to come out and make a wild accusation. Right before it’s time to make a decision about who should be on the Supreme Court or who should be in the Senate. So I’ve seen this movie. I live 40 miles right over the hills there. I know Raven County and I know Dillard. Really well.”

“People here are not going to tolerate that’s gonna be a backlash in Georgia. Yes, this is coming from LA. It’s coming from an activist, democratic celebrity lawyer who went to the 2016 convention for Hillary Clinton. And people in Georgia are not this dumb.”

Watch below or at this link.

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