'Florida has largely disappeared': The looming climate cataclysms if humanity continues 'business as usual'

'Florida has largely disappeared': The looming climate cataclysms if humanity continues 'business as usual'
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The World Economic Forum has released a new video warning of the cataclysmic consequences that anthropomorphic climate change will trigger over the next century if humanity's addiction to fossil fuels is not severed.

The two-minute spot navigates the extensive impacts that unchecked global warming will have on various regions of the planet through the coming decades as well as how drastically terrestrial life will be affected.

The sobering forecasts, while not exhaustive, have been extrapolated from cited accredited research.

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The 2030s:

  • Ice caps and crucial ice sheets continued to melt, swelling sea levels by 20 centimeters [7.87 inches]
  • 90 percent of coral reefs are threatened by human activity, while around 60 percent are highly endangered
  • Dwindling crop yields have pushed more than 100 million more peopleinto extreme poverty
  • Climate change-related illnesses are killing an extra 250,000 people each year

The 2040s:

  • The world has already shot past its 1.5-degree Celsius [2.7-degree Fahrenheit] Paris Agreement temperature rise limit
  • Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand are threatened by annual floods, sparking mass migration
  • Eight percent of the global population has seen a severe reduction in water availability
  • The Arctic is now ice-free in summer
  • Sea levels have risen 20 centimeters [two feet] in the Gulf of Mexico, where hurricanes now deliver devastating storm surges

The 2050s:

  • Two billion people now face 60-degree Celsius [140 degrees Fahrenheight] temperatures for more than a 10th of the year
  • In much of the world, masks are needed daily – not for disease prevention, but to protect your lungs from smog
  • The Northeast United States now sees 25 major floods a year, up from one in 2020
  • 140 million people are displaced by food and water insecurity or extreme weather events

From 2100 and beyond:

  • The average global temperature has soared more than four degrees Celsius [7.2 degrees Fahrenheit] – and even more in northern latitudes
  • Rising sea levels have rendered coastlines unrecognizable, and Florida has largely disappeared
  • Coral reefs have largely vanished, taking with them a quarter of the world's fish habitats
  • Insects have also been consigned to history, causing massive crop failures due to the lack of pollinators
  • Severe drought now affects more than 40 percent of the planet
  • An area the size of Massachusetts burns in the US every year
  • Southern Spain and Portugal have become a desert, tipping millions into food and water insecurity

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The ad concludes with a reminder that these bleak outcomes are preventable:

Today, 'business as usual' is making our planet unlivable. But by making the transition to a nature-positive economy, we could generate 395 million jobs – one-fifth of the predicted labor force increase.

It also encourages viewers to consider what they can do to contribute toward a prosperous future for all of Earth's inhabitants.

Watch below or at this link.

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