'Shadow of his old self': Biographer explains Rudy Giuliani's fall from 'America's Mayor' into the 'abyss'

'Shadow of his old self': Biographer explains Rudy Giuliani's fall from 'America's Mayor' into the 'abyss'
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In a column for the New York Times, Rudy Giuliani's biographer said the man once known as "America's Mayor" has become a shell of his old self as he faces a rash of criminal investigations and lawsuits for his efforts to protect and defend Donald Trump -- who also faces a myriad of legal problems of his own.

On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack -- a day that Giuliani recently called "... the worst day of my life and in some ways, you know, the greatest day of my life," -- biographer Andrew Kirtzman, who wrote Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor,” claims that the former mayor is facing the "abyss" with his reputation in tatters.

According to Kirtzman, Giuliani's need for massive amounts of money and his desire to remain relevant which led him to work for Trump has been the key to his downfall.

Writing that he is trying to "reconcile" the "brilliant leader" from 9/11 with "the confused, widely ridiculed figure facing potential indictment for trying to subvert the 2020 election," Kitzman added, "Mr. Giuliani is virtually alone at this desperate hour. Supporters have abandoned him; once-friendly news organizations have banished him from their airwaves; and few have helped him fend off bankruptcy from numerous lawsuits and investigations. At 78 years old, the man who helped to lead New York City and the nation out of some of our most horrible days is a shadow of his old self."

"Mr. Giuliani finds himself in this situation not in spite of his actions on Sept. 11 but rather because of them. The choices he made to leverage his fame from that period — and his efforts to hold on to it when it started to slip away — have led to his troubles today," he wrote before adding that Giuliani's failed 2008 bid to run for president started his precipitous slide into his current troubles.

"In the years that followed he seemed increasingly desperate to salvage both the financial benefits and political power that came with being 'America’s Mayor,' accumulating a roster of shady foreign clients for his company and endorsing Donald Trump — whom he considered a 'carnival barker' at the time, according to an aide — for president in 2016," the biographer wrote. "His reliance on Mr. Trump was a driving force behind his serial disasters supposedly in support of the administration: his bizarre efforts to frame Joe Biden in the Ukraine scandal, which resulted in the president’s first impeachment, and his catastrophic efforts to tamper with the 2020 presidential election, which could land him in jail."

According to Kirtzman, Giuliani's future looks grim -- and he has only himself to blame.

"The man of law and order, famed for his rectitude as United States attorney for the Southern District of New York in the 1980s, is a subject of investigations in Georgia and Washington, D.C. Both center on deeply cynical actions to upend the 2020 election results," he wrote. "They reveal a corruption of character, triggered by a succession of moral compromises over the years undertaken to maintain the power and money that he’d grown accustomed to after Sept. 11."

"History will pay Rudy Giuliani his due for leading New York through its darkest hour. But it will also record that his exploitation of his actions on Sept. 11 led him to the abyss," he concluded.

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