GOP Senator pushes misleading claims about Democratic agenda

GOP Senator pushes misleading claims about Democratic agenda
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United States Senator Rick Scott (R-Florida) on Saturday blamed Democrats for economic woes such as inflation and rising rents.

"When you think about a typical senior in Florida, they're either on a fixed income or getting ready to retire. So in the last year and a half, what's happened?" Scott mused at a press conference. "Gas prices have skyrocketed, food prices have skyrocketed, rent is up. All of these things caused by the Democrats, so clearly they don't care about seniors in Florida. Now the latest bill is gonna cut Medicare. Democrats say, 'oh, they would never do that.' Let me just read you a quote by Joe Biden."

Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against legislation to bring down costs for consumers.

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Scott read something that Biden said – in 1995:

When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security. As well, I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans benefits. I mean every single solitary thing in the government.

Scott then falsely stated that Democrats are going to cut Medicare.

"This is Joe Biden. This is what they're doing. I mean, they're actually doing what they said they would do. They're actually cutting, what, $280 billion out of the Medicare budget and not putting it back in to try to make it more solvent," Scott said.

Democrats are actually trying to save the program money by allowing it to negotiate prescription drug prices.

"So what we've gotta do is we've gotta figure out why the Democrats are doing this. I have asked for the Aging Committee, of which I am a member, to hold a hearing. Why do the democrats have this war on seniors in Florida? Why do they not care about gas prices? Food prices? This new bill – the burden on every pay scale is going up. The tax burden is going up. I mean this just doesn't make any sense and it's hurting seniors all across my state," Scott added.

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Scott, who authored a manifesto that called for everybody to have "skin in the game" which his Senate colleagues panned, again is not telling the truth. The Inflation Reduction Act only increases taxes on Americans making at least $400,000 per year.

Watch below or at this link.

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