Watch: Russian propagandists call for a second Cuban Missile Crisis to usher in another 'Great Patriotic War'

Watch: Russian propagandists call for a second Cuban Missile Crisis to usher in another 'Great Patriotic War'
Russian President Vladimir Putin in January 2021 (Wikimedia Commons).

Last Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a warning to the West that Russian President Vladimir Putin's "real goal" is to push deeper into Europe and that the only way to stop him is for North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations to keep supplying tactical support to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy believes that Putin, whom Zelenskyy revealed earlier this month controls 20 percent of Ukraine, is eyeing invasions of Eastern European countries, including some that belong to NATO.

“Next year could be a worse situation [for] not only Ukraine but also several other states, possibly members of the alliance… under fire from Russia," Zelenskyy said. “The question is—who is next? Moldova? Or the Baltic countries? Or Poland? The answer is—all of them.”

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Zelenskyy added that "the Russian army… it does not want to stop in Donbas or somewhere in the south of Ukraine. It wants to absorb city after city, all of us, and then all in Europe, whom the Russian leadership considers its property, not independent states. This is Russia's real goal.”

Over the weekend, propagandists on Russian state television discussed what they want Moscow to do as battles of attrition become the norm in Ukraine.

Weaponizing hunger to prolong the conflict was one tactic.

"Thanks to the idiocy of NATO countries, the world can anticipate hunger and a big war. Right comrade?" Russia 1 host Vladimir Solovyov asked panelist Leonid Kalashnikov, a Duma lawmaker.

"I wouldn't want it to come to big war. But I started to realize a few years ago and now it's becoming more and more clear that the West for us is lost for a long time, economically, among other things," Kalashnikov responded. "Some here seem to be harboring illusions, like some of our remaining elites, that perhaps everything will get resolved. No. It won't get resolved for years to come."

Kalashnikov suggested that Russia should launch new "special military operations" to defend itself against "dangers," despite Russia being the aggressor in Ukraine.

"Many think that demilitarization is limited to us destroying their strongholds and then the West will deliver more weapons. Of course, we're not idiots. We understand that this will also have to be dealt with. Last time here, I mentioned Israel as an example. What do you do when your country is in danger?" he said. 'We'll have to deal with those dangers by conducting special military operations."

Solovyov advocated for the annihilation of all "civilian infrastructure" in Ukraine, mirroring previous calls for committing outright genocide.

"If they say they will be delivering [weapons] then we have to stop being so classy and use other types of weapons and destroy the entire system of potential delivery, meaning bridges, railways, roads, airfields. Not in the way that they could easily be restored, but hit them so that the craters are such a size that attempting to bring anything in is unbearable. They're using roads to bring stuff, so we need to be regularly striking roads so they can't use trucks for transport," he said. "That means Ukraine is being signed up to have all of its civilian infrastructure destroyed."

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Duma member Andrei Gurulyov agreed, complaining that "all of Ukraine still has electricity. It has water, electricity, the internet, and TV. I assure you, we don't have to strike power plants. We need to hit distribution networks. That can very well stop all of Ukraine and they'll have no means to deliver anything. It will all be useless."

Referring to NATO, Gurulyov said, "right now, they're delivering MLRS, howitzers, they'll deliver anything there, up to a nuclear bomb, just to not let us win. Next, they'll send planes, anti-aircraft systems, then anti-missile systems and so on and so forth. They will not calm down."

He said that "all of this is complicated by the fact that current Western cities ruling the world are on the level of a sewer with those friends we just watched on the screen. It's hard to predict anything with respect to Ukraine. We should be ready for any turn of events."

Gurulyov then cited a "colleague" saying that to accomplish "denazification and demilitarization, we don't have to take all of Ukraine."

Solovyov interrupted with, "it shouldn't be limited to Ukraine."

Gurulyov called that "a pleasure to hear" and then recommended placing hypersonic missiles within striking range of the United States in order to usher in a third world war.

"Any détente happens after a good crisis, like détente that followed the Cuban Missile Crisis. Why? Because during the Cuban Missile Crisis, there was a direct threat to the territory of the US to which they had no immediate response. We should create similar circumstances," he said.

Gurulyov grumbled that "since the US is behind all this, and others are on their leash, we're ahead of everyone with hypersonic weapons. Our hypersonic weapons should be not only aboard traditional carriers but brought near to the vicinity of the United States with a flight time of five minutes maximum."

President Joe Biden, whom Gurulyov mocked, "will keep sitting there and stuttering but the rest will think about how to negotiate. That is the only scenario for us to be able to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Only a direct threat to the US and the UK – you know how much I love them – will force all of them to the negotiating table where everyone can maintain their interests."

Gurulyov added that "analyzing all threats that are present is the basis for our future decisions and actions when some say, 'we ceded here or there.' First of all, in any war, you can't always keep winning, sometimes there might be defeats. Secondly, all of this is part of a greater plan of conducting not only a special operation but World War III, or for us, the second Great Patriotic War. For us, this is the second Great Patriotic War to defeat fascism. For us, this is the second Great Patriotic War. Today, just wish us victory and success and seriously think through the plans of how we can painlessly get to the next crisis that will be our ticket to the future."

Ministry of Defense propagandist Nadana Fridriksson of Zvezda concluded that "those countries in the post-Soviet space that decided to play with Westernness, neutrality, they should understand that they're next. Sooner or later, the Ukrainian campaign will conclude. After Ukraine, another country's turn will come."

Footage and translation were provided by the Russian Media Monitor.

Watch below via The Daily Beast's Julia Davis or at this link.

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