Watch: Liz Cheney buries conspiracy theorist candidates at Wyoming GOP primary debate

Watch: Liz Cheney buries conspiracy theorist candidates at Wyoming GOP primary debate
United States Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) (@Liz_Cheney/Twitter).

Incumbent two-term United States Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) squared off against four right-wing challengers at a debate on Thursday night ahead of Wyoming's August GOP primary election.

Activist Robyn Belinskey, Army veteran Denton Knapp, State Senator Anthony Bouchard (6th District), and attorney Harriet Hageman believe that Cheney should be replaced as The Equality State's lone solo lawmaker in the House of Representatives.

Cheney was censured by the Republican Party after she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, who has endorsed Hageman, for inciting the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Cheney is the vice-chair of the bipartisan House Select Committee that is investigating the attack.

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On Friday, The Republican Accountability Project released a supercut of the discussion's lightning round, which was little more than a messy hodgepodge of conspiracy theories and flubs across an array of topics. Cheney stood out as the only hopeful that maintained consistent and coherent arguments.

January 6th

It "was a setup from the beginning. We cannot have actual, um, um, oh gosh, um, heh, see, um," Belinskey stammered.

The video then cut to Cheney.

"What we saw happen on January 6th was clearly an attempt to delay the count of the electoral votes," she said.

Coronavirus Vaccine Policy

"They knew," Bouchard proclaimed. He suggested that because Dr. Anthony Fauci "had awards for his work in cytokines" – a type of immune system cell – that something nefarious was afoot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hageman also lobbed false accusations against Fauci, calling him "one of the most corrupt individuals in Washington DC."

Belinskey insisted that "we are to oppose any vaccines."

Cheney, meanwhile, said that "everybody ought to get vaccinated and we need to do everything we can to protect ourselves from future viruses."

Wyoming Residents' Faith in the Electoral Process

Belinskey alluded to MyPillow Chief Executive Officer and Trump loyalist Mike Lindell telling her that "there was a small, small portion of voter fraud in this state. But that is alarming."

Bouchard fell apart.

"What about um, um, um, Facebook, um, using the system to steer people. We know for a fact, all the major internets do that," he said.

Hageman took things one step further, citing Dinesh D'Souza's discredited and debunked 2000 Mules movie as "something that I think we have grave concern about."

Knapp used his time to baselessly claim that voting machines engaged in "fraud."

Cheney bulldozed those assertions.

"We have politicians in this country, beginning with Donald Trump, who have lied to the American people," she said. "He consistently has said that the election was stolen when it wasn't."


Bouchard defaulted to Kremlin propaganda.

"Ukraine is corrupt, we started it, we got involved, we pushed them into being against the Russian government," he exclaimed.

Belinskey rambled through her response.

"Money laundering. I think that's the biggest, eh, ticket for the Ukraines and the Biden Administration," she declared.

Conversely, Cheney said that Ukraine "is the frontline in the battle for freedom and I think we've got to elect serious leaders."

Watch below:

Observers on social media were aghast at the unmitigated madness.

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