Lauren Boebert says same-sex marriage bill 'undermined masculinity and femininity'

Lauren Boebert says same-sex marriage bill 'undermined masculinity and femininity'
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U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert over the weekend served up a wide range of false claims about Democrats and their legislation protecting same-sex marriage, which passed past week with a strong bipartisan majority.

The Colorado Republican lawmaker during a conservative conference denied being an escort for Sen. Ted Cruz, claimed Democrats have “weakened the nuclear family and undermined masculinity” by passing the bill, and even claimed 47 GOP lawmakers only voted for the bill out of fear of attack ads if they did not.

Legal experts believe Republicans and the conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court are targeting the constitutional rights of same-sex couples to marry, and the House last week voted to protect the marriages of same-sex couples in response. The Senate may vote on the bill this week. It’s unclear if it will pass.

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But Boebert, who – without even being asked – strenuously denied once being an escort for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, told far right wing radio show host Charlie Kirk that Democrats “really have launched in an all out assault on America’s traditional values.”

She repeatedly called the legislation “unnecessary,” and said: “I think the federal government should not be involved in marriage. My marriage between my husband is really between me and God, not between me and the government.”

“They have attacked our institutions,” she told Kirk, who is also a right wing activist and founder of the conservative activist group Turning Point USA, and member of the highly secretive theocratic group Council for National Policy.

“They have weakened the nuclear family and undermined masculinity and even femininity,” Boebert claimed, presumably speaking about Democrats, “and the people who can’t even define what a woman is now wants [sic] to get in the middle of defining a government, a covenant between a man and a woman and God.”

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She also undercut her own criticism, stating the bill to protect marriage, the Respect for Marriage Act, “was absolutely rushed through,” and “didn’t go through all of the markup process” – “like many pieces of legislation.”

Kirk, who interviewed Boebert during his TPUSA Action conference, said: “So you’re in the House floor, people are saying, like obviously paraphrasing, ‘I’m gonna go vote for homosexual marriage because I’m afraid of television ads’?”

“Yes. Yes, Charlie,” Boebert claimed, “this is this happens on a regular basis.”

Watch below or at this link:

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