'I would rather ask Satan': Critics pan Bill O'Reilly's 'concierge membership' for broad-spectrum advice

'I would rather ask Satan': Critics pan Bill O'Reilly's 'concierge membership' for broad-spectrum advice
Bill O'Reilly.

Right-wing commentator and disgraced former Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly is hocking "concierge memberships" to his website that for $95 per year will grant subscribers access to a boundless cache of his advice on how to navigate the complex modern world.

"So, I get a lot of questions about people traveling the world. And I, because I've been to 84 countries I can steer you into good places and tell you if you get ripped off," O'Reilly proclaimed on his No Spin News podcast over the weekend.

"I get questions about consumer problems. Somebody's contractor is doing A, and then I can steer them. I get financial questions," he continued, stressing that he "cannot give financial or medical advice. But I can tell you what I would do, alright?"

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O'Reilly added that "life is complicated," boasting that "for a concierge membership on BillOReilly.com, you have me to answer your questions which we do within 24 hours. I mean, it's pretty amazing, so you might want to think about it."

Twitter users did just that but ultimately came to a much different conclusion.

"How Fucking soft in the brain does a person have to be to watch this and go… ‘you know what I need? I need Bill fucking O’Reilly to guide my life decisions.’ Lord, there really is a sucker born every minute," wrote Jo.

"Shilling literally himself is a new level for Bill," said another.

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"A lot of the haters are criticizing this as a greedy money grab but I gotta admit that Bill’s expertise in sexual harassment settlements is unparalleled," one person quipped.

That was not the only jab at O'Reilly's past.

"Can someone please get this to Bill O: So I work at Fox News and I’ve harassed a few employees, even though they should be honored, I’m now in a pickle. What can I do to ensure I don’t have to write a check for 32 million to my victims??" joked Sandy Kovaxx.

A third individual noted, "just look how well his life philosophy has worked out for him."

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Reactions were also focused on the value – or lack thereof – awaiting paying members.

"Methinks, 'Hey Google' might be a better bargain," an observer noted.

That was followed by someone saying that they "would rather ask Satan for his opinion."

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