Donald Trump boasts of new path to reinstatement following Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling

Donald Trump boasts of new path to reinstatement following Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling
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The Wisconsin State Supreme Court on Friday ruled 4-3 that dropboxes for absentee ballots were illegal and declared that President Joe Biden's victory over former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election was illegitimate.

Biden won the popular vote in the Badger State and was thusly awarded its 10 Electoral College votes.

The decision "has critical implications in the 2024 presidential race, in which Wisconsin will again be among a handful of battleground states," noted the Associated Press.

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Tony Evers, Wisconsin's incumbent Democratic governor who is seeking reelection, condemned the court's transparently partisan opinion.

“Politicians should not be able to abuse their power to prevent eligible voters from casting their ballots or cheat by changing the rules just because they didn’t like the outcome of the last election,” he said. “Today’s decision is another in a long line of Wisconsin Republicans’ successes to make it harder for Wisconsinites to exercise their right to vote, to undermine our free, fair and secure elections, and to threaten our democracy.”

Justice Rebecca Bradley, who sided with the majority, asserted that the court was acting to prevent fraud, which she baselessly claimed had impacted the results of past contests – including the race in 2020.

“Thousands of votes have been cast via this unlawful method, thereby directly harming the Wisconsin voters,” Bradley wrote. “The illegality of these drop boxes weakens the people’s faith that the election produced an outcome reflective of their will. The Wisconsin voters, and all lawful voters, are injured when the institution charged with administering Wisconsin elections does not follow the law, leaving the results in question.”

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Trump's attorney Christian Bobb expanded on this false narrative and went so far as to proclaim that the outcome of the 2020 election could be reversed.

"Joe Biden cheated, so they could either withdraw their electors or they could actually decide to award Trump electors, although I would anticipate they would just withdraw the electors," she said on the Right Side Broadcasting Network. "If that happens from three different states, three different resolutions go into Congress – and I'm sorry I'm sort of summarizing this, it's a complicated issue – but it would have to go into the US Congress whether they want to accept the resolutions, whether they want to act on them or not. So it's a complex issue that needs to be handled complexly by different state legislatures and the US Congress."

Bobb then suggested that if "many many elected officials" sign on, Team Trump's dream of overturning the 2020 election can be realized.

Bobb's hot take on RSBM motivated Trump on Saturday to boast on his Truth Social app that he will be president again if the GOP retakes Congress.

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"The Wisconsin Supreme Court has just declared the 'Unlock' Boxes, or Ballot 'Stuffing' Boxes, to be ILLEGAL. Everybody knows what went on with the $417,000,000 that little Mark Zuckerberg 'INVESTED' in the corrupt 2020 Presidential Election, and that doesn’t even include the big Wisconsin Nursing Home Scandal where close to 100% of the residents voted (always is MUCH lower number). It’s now up to Robin Vos to do what everybody knows must be done. We need FAIR and HONEST Elections in our Country," Trump rambled.

"Other States are looking at, and studying, the amazing Wisconsin Supreme Court decision declaring Ballot Boxes ILLEGAL, and that decision includes the 2020 Presidential Election," he continued. "Speaker Robin Vos has a decision to make! Does Wisconsin RECLAIM the Electors, turn over the Election to the actual winner (by a lot!), or sit back and do nothing as our Country continues to go to HELL? Brave American Patriots already have a Resolution on the Floor!"

There is no mechanism in the Constitution that provides a framework for nullifying a duly completed and certified election, let alone installing a loser back into power. Even if Republicans retake control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the November midterms, impeaching and removing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (requiring 67 Senators to agree) would hand the presidency to whomever the House Speaker is at that time. In theory, that person could tap Trump to be their veep and immediately resign, but the Senate would first have to approve of Trump's nomination. On the other hand, a majority of House Republicans could vote to make Trump Speaker, immediately placing him second in the line of presidential succession. Anybody who is constitutionally qualified to serve in the House – even a private citizen – can be elected Speaker.

Granted, Republicans could also drum up some cockamamy scheme to petition the right-wing United States Supreme Court to consider its position to oust Biden in exchange for Trump, in a manner similar to the North Carolina "independent legislature theory" case that the Court has agreed to hear in the fall session. Notably, the courts have so far thrown out Trump's challenges to the 2020 election, including his invocations of executive privilege to prevent evidence of his coup from surfacing.

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Nevertheless, one must contemplate the possibilities, no matter how implausible they seem. Is what Trump wants impossible? No. Is it far-fetched? Quite, although it is, without question, on par with this current timeline.

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