GOP House candidate endorsed by Elise Stefanik called Adolf Hitler 'the kind of leader we need today'

GOP House candidate endorsed by Elise Stefanik called Adolf Hitler 'the kind of leader we need today'
Candidate for the United States House of Representatives Carl Paladino (R-New York) (screengrab/@ehananoki/Twitter).

Carl Paladino, a failed New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, last year praised Adolf Hitler as an “inspirational” leader, a “doer,” and “the kind of leader we need today.”

House Republican Caucus chair Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican Congresswoman, endorsed Paladino last week.

“I am proud to announce my endorsement of my friend Carl Paladino in #NY23,” Stefanik tweeted in her “MAJOR NY ENDORSEMENT.”

“Carl is a job creator and conservative outsider who will be a tireless fighter for the people of New York in our fight to put America First to save the country.”

As Media Matters reports, “Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino appeared on a radio program last year and claimed that New York needs someone like Adolf Hitler to lead it.”

In the newly unearthed remarks, Paladino said he’d recently heard someone talk about how Hitler had ‘aroused the crowds’ — and he commented that ‘that’s the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational. We need somebody that is a doer, has been there and done it.'”

He chuckled as he spoke about Hitler.

This was not the only time Paladino praised Hitler.

“Paladino has a long history of making toxic and bigoted remarks. Media Matters reported earlier this week that he shared a post on Facebook portraying the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, as false flag attacks meant to help Democrats ‘revoke the 2nd amendment and take away guns.’ The post also claimed ‘the Texas shooter was receiving hypnosis training’ apparently under the direction of the CIA.”

After initially “lying” he had not shared that post, Media Matters adds, Paladino later admitted he had.

Media outlets also reported that Paladino sent the post to his email list,” Media Matters adds. “His commentary has also included saying his state needs someone like Adolf Hitler to lead it.”

Audio of Paladino praising Hitler:


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