Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for 'peach tree dish' flub — but it’s her anti-LGBTQ attacks that are really 'harmful'

Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for 'peach tree dish' flub — but it’s her anti-LGBTQ attacks that are really 'harmful'
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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) now has a podcast, which is a nearly hour-long scripted and off-script talk show that she is using to promote her far-right extremist agenda.

Her latest episode went viral on Sunday when the right-wing watchdog Patriot Takes posted a short excerpt (below) that catches Greene in an embarrassing display of ignorance declaring globalists want to track every move you make.

"The extremist lawmaker who once warned the world of ‘gazpacho police‘ now claims the feds are planning to track bowel movements, too,” HuffPost reports.

“You have to accept the fact that the government totally wants to provide surveillance on every part of your life,” says Greene, a conspiracy theorist who “keeps peddling pro-Russia, anti-Ukraine talking points,” and has “publicly aligned herself with neo-Nazis and white nationalists,” according to MSNBC’s Ja’han Jones.

“They want to know when you’re eating,” Greene claims in her podcast. “They want to know if you’re eating a cheeseburger, which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish.”

“You’ll probably get a little zap inside your body and that’s saying ‘No, no. Don’t eat a real cheeseburger, you need to eat the fake burger, the fake meat, from Bill Gates,’” Greene said.

She doesn’t stop there.

“They probably also want to know when you go to the bathroom and if your bowel movements are on time or consistent,” she added.

That was just a 36-second clip of her 54-minute podcast.

In it, Greene, promoting her white nationalist “America First” agenda, points out that Salvador Ramos, the man who shot and killed 21 people at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas was “Hispanic,” while neglecting to note that most of the victims were as well – Uvalde is about 78% Hispanic, and there is nothing to indicate race was a factor.

But Greene claims Ramos “clearly had a lot of mental issues going on, as was shown with him wearing eyeliner,” which refers to one photo he allegedly posted online, and “cross-dressing” – which is false and has been widely debunked.

On its website, the well-known non-profit journalism school and research organization Poynter Institute reports “no evidence to corroborate claims that Ramos was transgender or a leftist.”

Greene also calls reports of the spread of monkeypox “the next fake pandemic,” suggesting the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over one million Americans is “fake.”

She then goes on to claim the “correct information” is “that monkeypox is really only transmitted mostly through gay sex.”

That’s at best misleading and at worst “harmful,” as experts have noted.

“Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or ‘gay disease’ that is only spread between men who engage in sexual relations with other men, contrary to social media posts online,” a Reuters fact check states. “These claims, which experts have called both false and harmful, have spread across platforms…” Reuters links to five Facebook posts NCRM will not link to.

Reuters adds it “spoke to experts that expressed concern about both the inaccuracy and harmful nature of these claims.”

“To label it as a gay disease is both untrue and unfair”, Dr Andrew Lee, professor of public health at the University of Sheffield, told Reuters.

A person’s sexuality and sexual orientation is not the route of transmission, Lee said in an email. “Anyone can get it if they have had direct contact with an infected person”.

Sarcastically, Greene also says: “monkeypox can clearly jump from person to person, I mean, monkeys jump from tree to tree. Clearly the monkeypox virus is going to jump from person top person without the gay sex,” she says, laughing. “So insane.”

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