CNN panelists pounce on GOPer for trying to pin blame for baby formula shortage on Biden

CNN panelists pounce on GOPer for trying to pin blame for baby formula shortage on Biden
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Republican Party adviser Scott Jennings was on the receiving end of some major pushback on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday morning when he attempted to make the case that President Joe Biden was responsible for the baby formula shortage that is afflicting American families.

With Jennings lumping the formula shortage in with gas pricing and inflation for reasons for Biden's approval rating problems, he did mention a formula airlift coming from Germany arranged by the Biden administration which opened the door for co-panelist Bakari Sellers and former Biden speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum to fire back.

In a flurry of crosstalk, Jenning claimed, "When you're out driving from store to store paying $5 a gallon, it doesn't feel very good," to which Sellers replied, "Your point falls on deaf ears when you have 132 Republicans, I believe it was, who voted against [a baby formula bill--]," at which point conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin jumped in with, "This bill was a bailout for the FDA for the same people who failed to actually deal with the Abbott recall."

"At least we do understand it's a market failure, it's not a Joe Biden failure," Sellers parried.

"You want this to be about Donald Trump," Jenning exclaimed. "You want this to be the house is on fire and Joe Biden's out here with a tiny fire extinguisher. At the end of the day, you know midterms are about a referendum on the current state on the party in power. None of the people at this table can say the Democratic Party is doing anything about the problems of the American people when it comes to inflation, gas prices, baby formula and the idea that America is no longer the light of the --"

"Joe Biden is not in the back mixing baby formula," Sellers interrupted.

"Who shut down the factory?" Jenning insisted.

"It had to be shut down!" Seller shot back.

"What company had zero redundancy in their supply chain? They were buying back stocks" Nussbaum offered before continuing, "These are structural problems, right?. The president doesn't have a silver bullet but he is firing a ton of silver buck shots."

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