'You can kiss our democracy goodbye' if Republicans win: Robert Reich

'You can kiss our democracy goodbye' if Republicans win: Robert Reich
Former United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (screengrab/YouTube).

Former United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich issued a new warning on Tuesday about the Republican Party's nationwide assault on American democracy.

In a video posted to YouTube, Reich breaks down the tactics that the GOP's henchpeople are employing to subvert future elections and strip voters of the franchise.

"The same people behind the January 6 insurrection are now trying to overthrow the government in a slow-motion coup," Reich began. "If they succeed, you can kiss our democracy goodbye."

The ongoing effort to install right-wing partisans on electoral commissions, school boards, and state secretaries of state – who typically oversee elections – is a clear and present danger to "our last line of defense" of democracy, Reich explained.

"We’ve seen what happens when secretaries of state put partisan interests ahead of election integrity," Reich said.

"In 2018, Brian Kemp ran Georgia elections as its secretary of state — while he was running for governor against Stacey Abrams. During his tenure, Kemp oversaw the purging of almost 1 and a half million voter registrations and the closing of more than 200 polling places. In the weeks leading up to the election, he put more than 50,000 voter registrations on hold, 70% of which belonged to Black people. He won by 55,000 votes," Reich continued. "And remember back in the 2000 presidential election, when Al Gore won the popular vote? Nonetheless, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who had been co-chair of George W Bush’s statewide campaign, ended up calling Florida for Bush, which handed him the election."

The video concluded with a call to action.

"First, spread the word about the GOP's authoritarian plan. Make sure your friends and family know what the stakes are this fall. Next, get involved locally. Volunteer to be a poll worker or join a campaign. From school boards to secretaries of state, every position matters. And of course, vote! Check your registration early and make a plan to cast your ballot," said Reich.

"In 2020, millions of people organized, volunteered, and voted to keep American democracy alive," he added. "We, the people, must work to elect public servants who will uphold democracy and stand up to those who are hellbent on undermining it."

Watch below:

How Trump Could Actually Steal the 2024 Election | Robert Reich www.youtube.com


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