'Me me me me me me me': Twitter skewers Mike Pence for trivializing Brooklyn Subway shooting

'Me me me me me me me': Twitter skewers Mike Pence for trivializing Brooklyn Subway shooting
Former Vice President Mike Pence speaking at the University of Virginia’s chapter of the Young America’s Foundation on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 (screengrab/C-SPAN).

Former United States Vice President, homophobic Christian fundamentalist, and foredoomed contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination Mike Pence delivered a speech at the University of Virginia’s chapter of the Young America’s Foundation on Tuesday. In the first few minutes of the nearly hour-long address, Pence lied about education and declared himself a victim of high gas prices while "praying" for the survivors of yesterday morning's mass shooting inside a New York City Subway car in Brooklyn.

Pence – who in 2015 triggered an HIV outbreak during his single term as governor of Indiana because he refused to fund local needle exchange programs – railed against the teaching of history and argued that students should be indoctrinated into the right-wing's nationalistic vision of the future.

That agenda includes imposing "traditional values" – the conservative default rationalization for bigotry – onto impressionable young minds.

“As freedom comes under attack in our schools, it’s imperative that the next generation ensures the advancement of pro-America ideas, and I’m excited to partner with Young America’s Foundation to take the case for freedom, free markets, and traditional values to the rising generation and to ensure the torch of freedom shines bright for generations to come,” Pence said.

Pence then touted his failed business acumen by alluding to his family's defunct chain of gas stations – which upon collapsing in the early 2000s unleashed ecological devastation across three states that cost taxpayers millions of dollars to clean up – as a self-serving segue into how he, a millionaire with a healthy public pension for life, is suffering due to high fuel prices.

But the ex-veep first threw in a nugget that reaffirmed that he is a caricature of a good Christian.

Pence offered what he deemed a prayer for those affected by the Brooklyn Subway shooting. It was, however, a shallow swipe at Democrats at best and at worst an insult to victims of gun violence and the challenges that working-class Americans face every day.

"Violent criminals are given virtual free range in some of our largest cities," Pence, a staunch opposer of firearm control, proclaimed. "Our hearts broke this morning with the headline of terrible violence that took place in the Subway in New York. Our prayers are with the injured."

Then came the non-sequitur that Pence wielded to mock public transportation and pretend to be just a regular dude struggling to make ends meet.

"One of the advantages of being VP is I get to drive my own car again," Pence mewled, forgetting that he is no longer the vice president. "One of the disadvantages is I get to pay for my own gas."

Watch below:

Pence's detached rhetoric sparked a firestorm on social media, and the Twitterverse unleashed absolute Hell.

Watch Pence's full remarks below via C-SPAN:


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