Former Telemundo reporter turned House Republican responds to damning Kevin McCarthy audio with unhinged rant about ‘neo-Marxists’

Former Telemundo reporter turned House Republican responds to damning Kevin McCarthy audio with unhinged rant about ‘neo-Marxists’

A newly uncovered audio recording from January 10, 2021 shows how dramatically House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has flip-flopped since the days following the Capitol insurrection. In that recording, McCarthy can be heard telling Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming that then-President Donald Trump should resign — the same McCarthy who later turned against Cheney in a big way, railed against House Speaker’s January 6 select committee and vigorously defended Trump.

Rep. María Elvira Salazar of Florida, a Republican and former journalist for Telemundo and Univision, was asked about that audio on Wednesday, April 27. But instead of giving a coherent response, the 60-year-old Miami native dodged the question and went into a bizarre, nonsensical rant about the mainstream media and “neo-Marxists.”

Salazar told a reporter, “I did this job for 35 years; 35 years, and I loved being a journalist. But you know, let me share something with you. We have a problem in this country with the news media…. Shame on the media.”

Salazar went on to say, “There’s a major threat in this country by what I call the socialists or the neo-Marxists. That’s the real threat.”

When a reporter once again asked her to comment on McCarthy, Salazar evasively said, “People change their mind. Things happen.”

Salazar went full conspiracy theorist when she demanded to know “what Madam Speaker” Pelosi “knew” on January 6, 2021 and called for an investigation of her.

Salazar told reporters, “We need to know what she knew 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours before…. Look at the future of this country, Don’t you see that there is an influence called the neo-Marxists penetrating media and academia? Don’t you guys see it?.... We do know what happens when the neo-Marxists and when the socialist forces infiltrate a society.”

Salazar’s unhinged rant has been getting a lot of comments on social media, and Twitter users have been using words like “nuts” and “batshit crazy” to describe it:

Here are some more reactions to Salazar’s rant:


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