Embarrassing GOP pitches for Trump’s social media platform resemble an ‘off-shore call center’: conservative

Embarrassing GOP pitches for Trump’s social media platform resemble an ‘off-shore call center’: conservative

Right-wing media outlets have been hyping Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s social media platform, as a MAGA alternative to Twitter — which, they claim, is unfair to Republicans. Never Trump conservative Tim Miller discusses Truth Social’s tactics in an article published by The Bulwark on April 6 — tactics that, according to Miller, reflect the cult-like nature of the MAGA movement and the GOP’s fanatical devotion to it.

“As a standalone, the story of Trump launching a failing business that screws people over doesn’t really get my fingers tapping,” Miller writes. “That’s a dog-with-dentures-bites-man tale if there ever were one. What is interesting, and underappreciated, is just how bought-in the entire Republican Party infrastructure has been on promoting the former president’s latest bunco scheme.”

When he checked out Truth Social, Miller recalls, he was bombarded with “dozens of fundraising e-mails and texts” from “the Republican National Committee and other official Republican political organizations.”

“The RNC was requesting that I tell them my TRUTH username — N.B. It’s @FredDidNotLoveYou,” Miller recalls. “The Committee then asked me to pitch in a few bucks to show that I STAND WITH TRUMP, conveniently pre-checking a box that would make said donation recurring and warning that if I unchecked, I would not be doing my part to SECURE TRUMP’S LEGACY. I declined to reply.”

Miller continues, “My demurral did not please Ronna ‘Don’t Call Me Romney’ McDaniel. Just eight hours later, I received another stalkerish e-mail from her committee with the subject line: ‘We’ve been trying to reach you.’ This time, they wanted me to ‘PLEDGE’ that I will register for TRUTH Social — which is a bit culty, if you ask me. Is this an app or a religious sect? The RNC was ‘counting on me to take the pledge before it’s too late.’”

The Never Trumper goes on to say that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has been equally over-the-top where Truth Social is concerned.

“On February 27,” Miller notes, “the Committee sent out an e-mail with a Double Siren subject line. This emergency message falsely claimed Truth Social was the #1 app on app stores and then told supporters that the NRSC was making a list of True Patriots who signed up for the website and that they would be sharing the list with the former president.”

Miller wraps up his article by stressing that Republicans have been consistently embarrassing in their promotions of Truth Social.

“The entire party has turned into one big off-shore call center trying to trick Granny into handing over their credit card number to pay for some phony life insurance,” Miller laments. “Or put another way: The Republican Party is Trump Steaks. Trump Steaks is the Republican Party. And if you don’t pledge to sign up for their grift TODAY, they are going to have no choice but to revoke your patriot card and tell Mr. Trump that you are no longer part of the club.”

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