'Strict voting rules for thee, but not for me': Editorial board rips Mark Meadows over voter fraud hypocrisy

'Strict voting rules for thee, but not for me': Editorial board rips Mark Meadows over voter fraud hypocrisy
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Earlier this week it was discovered that former President Donald Trump's final White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his wife Debra registered to vote using the address of a mobile home that was not one of his primary residences. The revelation sparked questions among politicos, namely, did Meadows, an ex-GOP Congressman from North Carolina, commit voter fraud?

Supposed ballot mischief is one of the principal rallying cries within the Republican Party base, yet almost every time that evidence emerges that an individual has engaged in some sort of voter malfeasance, the culprit winds up being one of their own.

On Thursday, The Washington Post Editorial Board tore into Meadows for the rank hypocrisy he and his confederates display on the topic of honest voting.

"Strict voting rules for thee, but not for me," the op-ed begins. "How else to summarize the revelations that Mark Meadows, the last White House chief of staff to President Donald Trump, and his wife voted in the 2020 election using the address of a mobile home in North Carolina where they did not reside? Mr. Meadows, who was eager to promote Mr. Trump’s lies that mail-in voting is rife with fraud, never owned the residence. In fact, he might not have ever set foot in it."

It is certainly no secret that there are varying standards that are applied to investigating and punishing alleged voter fraud. Race lies at the heart of those injustices.

"Compare this case with that of Crystal Mason, the Texas resident who was sentenced to five years in prison for submitting an illegal provisional ballot in 2016 while on supervised release for a felony conviction," the Board recalls. "Ms. Mason, who is Black, maintains that she did not know she was unable to vote and that a poll worker handed her the provisional ballot even though she was not on the state’s voter rolls. 'It was to make an example out of me,' Ms. Mason told the American Civil Liberties Union of her prosecution."

Meadows, meanwhile, appears to get a pass. And the lack of accountability extends far beyond him.

Meadows, the editors say, is far from "the only Republican practitioner of a double standard. Many Trump officials who have decried mail-in voting have voted, well, through the mail. That includes Mr. Trump, members of his family, Vice President Mike Pence, and Attorney General William P. Barr. Remember also that Mr. Trump specifically encouraged voters in the crucial swing state of Florida to vote by mail while simultaneously challenging absentee ballot rules in other states. And while plenty of elected Republicans claimed that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, none saw the same forces at work in their own elections — which appeared on the same ballot."

No one, therefore, should take the GOP's crusade against voter fraud seriously. The true concern is the systematic dismantling of democracy at the hands of the right-wing.

“'Election integrity' is a hollow slogan for Republicans. They seek stricter voting laws in a haphazard attempt to dampen voter turnout for Democrats — efforts that might end up hurting turnout among their own supporters as well," the op-ed continues.

Elected officials should "make it easier for people to have a voice — not adding onerous requirements to vote by mail, tearing down ballot drop boxes and devising mechanisms to wrest away control of elections from local, nonpartisan officials. Republicans have done all of that," the editorial concludes. "These are major transgressions. But smaller ones matter, too, which is why no one should look the other way when a prominent figure in their own party appears to fudge the truth about where he lives on his voter registration form."

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